Problem with some Chivalry models…

  • So I would really like to use the Siege Tower model already in the game’s assets. There just happens to be one small problem, projectiles and swings do not collide with it at all. This renders the tower completely unusable as anybody inside this tower will just get shot through its walls.

    I believe the way to fix this is to enable per poly collision. I ticked the box but unfortunately for it to take effect I have to save its package “CHV_Siege_tower” and that is currently impossible because its a cooked package.

    The tower’s wheels and the bridge have the same problem.

    Would it be possible to get a download for the uncooked package?

  • I will look into possibly having a fix tucked into the next patch for this.

    Sadly, having an uncooked and cooked version of the same package would cause referencing issues.

  • I believe it is possible to extract the models with the right tools. From there you can re-import them into a new package (under a different name) and make the changes you would like.

    Probably technically against the EULA or something, but I doubt TBS would mind as long as you’re only using the models for Chivalry custom content.

  • I’ve found one work around and that is to use additional meshes that have collision as collision boxes and just make them invisible.

  • I want to do the same with the ships, but ships are much more detailed than the siege tower!

    And I have other question related.
    Whit the small ships, I have the collision activated and I can see the model collision, I putted “collide all” but when I try, the static mesh don’t collide the player.
    Do you know what is happening? thanks!

  • The ships were intended as background assets, and likely have collision disabled. It is noted though.

    The siege tower should have been fixed a couple patches ago.

  • Thanks for the response.
    I’m not a English speaker, and I thought I had explained badly.

    I know that ships are not with collision model, but Boats yes.
    With the collision viewer, I can see the Boats, one with non zero extend and 2 with zero extend collision modes.
    But when I play I can’t make the models collide with the players movement.

    I think it’s something I did wrong, because if I can see the collision models view and I placed (collide all), I think it would collide like a normal wall.

    Thanks for all!

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