Unbearable lag on Argons Wall + Citadel (frame drops when fighting enemies)

  • For some reason this only happens in certain areas of the map and any time I fight enemies, my FPS fluctuates between a smooth 62FPS all the way down to 40 and sometimes 30. This shouldn’t be happening on a system that can max out the game at 62FPS on every other map.

    i5 750 3Ghz
    8GB RAM
    GTX 660 Stock

    I play with V-sync off and max graphics apart from no motion blur.

    I have tried lowering things like Ambient Occlusion, Aliasing, etc etc and I still get frame drops but only on these two maps.

    Can anyone suggest anything?

  • Go here. This topic covers some methods that might help.

  • That’s unbearable lag?

  • yes that is unbearable lag, i feel for ya. It’s happened to me while streaming and i had to stop and figure it out before i proceeded.

    Oddly enough reverifying files helps with the lag a bit, i’m always missing anywhere from 1-4 files.

    I started crashing the other day when my team was about to scrim and i couldn’t play… had to reinstall, delete all my configs, and uninstall all of the steam workshop crap but then i was up and running again. What’s more odd is i was playing the game all day and then it just decided to start crashing and skipping when i play.

    I know it’s not the same as your issue but i WOULD try re-verifying files.

    Obviously check your temps, as the game certainly gets more demanding when in combat and there are others around.

    Keep in mind some video settings may have been reset, i’d check blood decals, fov, resolution, ragdoll slider, etc.

    Definitely annoying having your frames drop like that so hope ya figure it out.

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