Shield after swing animation stamina drain bug?

  • So i’ve noticed… and i’m not sure if this was the intention but I’m losing a lot more stamina when I attempt to shield or parry during a swing. I’ve noticed this more after the patch and am not sure if i’m being paranoid or if there was an unintentional change.

    To be honest I dont have a problem with the previously mentioned mechanic… however when i’m swinging if I miss and attempt to shield AFTER the swing is completed there is a small window in which trying to shield will still incur this stamina penalty… which im not particularly pleased about D=

    Thanks for reading, Kaplosion

  • That’s called panic parry. It when you parry in recovery. It costs 25 stamina.

    That feature is due for removal though. Soon you won’t be able to parry at all in recovery.

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