• @Sinbe:

    Only the cavalry and it’s only the breastplate. it’s exception to the rule, not the norm. Doesn’t make what I said less true.

    No, but people like Giantyak have to point out stupid little irrelevant things to try and sound smart and superior, usually because they’ve already lost the argument and/or have nothing of value to say.

  • They keep full platemail at the Landes graz armoury that was designed with gunpowder in mind…you can go and see it for your self. They have a world touring museum too, so there’s no excuse :P


    I point out stupid little irrelevant things and i have nothing of value to say.

    I fixed it for you Oy you mischievous troll.

  • Wow Giantyak, how very humorous and original of you. Kindly go catch a boat to fuck-offity land.

  • Can I just point out that there is nothing in the rules of the forum that says “You’re not allowed to discuss realism at all in regards to any topic”. Some people have decided that any talk of medieval realism is stupid.

    I agree that in regards to balancing gameplay>realism but can we stop the imbecilic attitude that any talk of history or realism is out of bounds? This game is not pure fantasy, it obviously attracts players who are interested in the medieval period, the developers made a game to look and feel like medieval battles. Not fantasy battles with magic and monsters, not even over the top fantasy weapons that you would see in other games.

    We can discuss an idea like this with both gameplay and realism in mind. For example what if we had a rapier as an MaA weapon that was very fast and long reaching but very low damage against armor as suggested? Then we have a weapon that would feel realistic but still have a niche in gameplay (i.e. fast, long range weapon that’s only really worth using in duels against other MaA or archers). I’m not even sure that it’s a great idea but it’s at least worth discussing.

  • Looking on how sick is maa with the speedy stabs of norsesword, rapier is the last thing I want in the game. I even think that the spears could use a little rebalance, long range weapons are simply way too powerful in a game like this.

    Also when we’re at it, how exactly would a scythe be used in war? I mean it looks menacing in the hands of reaper and stuff but looking at it, the blade is placed really awkwardly and trying to strike an opponent with any reasonable force seems impossible. I guess it could be used as a pick but still…

  • Wow, people really think that a rapier would “break” when parrying other weapons?
    It’s OK if you know nothing about swords, but don’t go around spreading nonsense, please.

  • This post is deleted!

  • For reference the Rapier is a onehanded sword optimized for reach at the cost of cutting power (and weights about as much as a Broadsword).

    In terms of historical accuracy the Rapier belongs to the same period of time as the Zweihänder.

    The most accurate gameplay interpretation would be a sword of equal length than the onehanded Longsword with more speed but less damage (especially on the slash and overhead attacks).

  • dam I was just getting ready to start my own “weapons idea” thread…. but heres what I came up with.

    1. pitch fork
    2. scythe (theres already a model of it in battlegrounds near the wheat)

    1.pickaxe the maul is a modified sledgehammer why cant we have a modified pickaxe?
    2.war axe(I think that’s its name) its an axe like the bearded axe but it has a spike on the opposite side of the blade like the halberd has

    1. meat cleaver (its war grab anything sharp!)
    2. scimitar


  • No thank you.

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