Is Chivalry Capped at 90 FPS?

  • So I did the .ini edit to give myself 120 fps. Wonderful. Except I’ve recently learned I’ve never been getting 120 fps, just 90 fps. I can confirm with Fraps, Dxtory, and stat FPS in console. The game will not exceed past 90 fps, even on the lowest settings.

    Is there something wrong? I quadruple checked the file and it’s definitely set at 120. I don’t understand. I want me all dem sexy frames.

  • Not entirely sure, but I think it depends on what you set at bSmoothFrameRate.

    I changed MaxSmoothedFrameRate=(whatever it was, can’t remember lol) to MaxSmoothedFrameRate=120.
    Also, I set bSmoothFrameRate=True.
    Again, not entirely sure, but I believe if you use bSmoothFrameRate=False it maxes out at 90 FPS.

    Also needless to say make sure you’re changing the right variables. I believe the .ini file we’re referring to also has some values for the UDk editor.

  • Yup, max sure bSmoothFrameRate=True and then MaxSmoothed to be 120. Just did it myself and I’m locked at 120 in game.

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