Competitive/Scrimmage Mode

  • There’s an idea that’s always been floating around between players and such and something that would be nice to have either in this game or a future game that TB may or may not develop and that is a competitive/scrimmage mode. I’m absolutely positive it’s been suggested before.

    Basically what it would be is a mode to where all the maps are available, and both teams could select team to load in on, and then when everyone is ready, the match would start. For any competitive games this would be nice for those that don’t necessarily connect right away, and can give time for players to get on the correct teams, get ready, pick classes and loadout etc… and then ready-up.

    To expand on that, either there could be a team captain slot for each team, or each member could individually have to ready up, when both teams are ready the match can start and then a countdown could begin to start the map/round what have you. For the ready-up… this would also help streamers as well, because before the ready up, they can talk about both of the teams, weapon loadouts, names of players and such so that it all gets out of the way before the game begins, and they can then focus on casting the game from the beginning.

    Eventually, this could be expanded to include other modes, and even MATCHMAKING would be an excellent thing for this game. Modes that can choose how many players per team perhaps up to a 12 man team. This could allow competitive 2v2’s to be done, 3v3’s, 5v5’s, 8v8’s, 10v10,s etc. The matchmaking can have more interested folks that are not necessarily competitive and match them up with others to experience some true competition. It would also grow the competitive scene a lot i think. Getting into smaller matches even with public players can enhance others fighting skills in team based combat, it can help by allowing more experienced players to show their teams the ropes and help them along.

    I think each team having their own in game voice channels would also help a lot so that it’s not all-talk and annoying, obviously mute can be enabled and such, and that way even a random group could play and communicate strategically to each other.

    This can also of course be used as a practice venue even for 2v2’s and have an experienced player teaching another how the game works over voice and work on strategies and such.

    Overall, i think if something like this were implemented into the game, or even the next game (if there is one lol) then it would blow up HUGE! This is one type of thing this game is really missing out on that many other casual/competitive games have.

    For this thread:

    What i would like is feedback on whether or not this would be a nice idea.
    What would you do differently or add? What type of features would you like to see?
    How could this be implemented more simply?
    What would the biggest challenges and problems be with doing something like this?

    I’d rather not this turn into a competitive player vs. pub player thread, since that’s not what it’s about.

  • Too much work for Torn Banner.

  • I love the matchmaking idea, definitely for new players, it is a huge turnoff when the teams turn out stacked and they end up just going 0-30 for three straight games. I think matchmaking for different sizes would be a great way to get more people interested in the more organized chivalry matches and help train up new players by giving them competent teammates without the bad taste of doing it the old-fashioned way. (and by old-fashioned way, I mean the way I and likely many of my friends learned, by getting spawn camped and stomped hard over and over by higher ranks until you finally learned how to kill them.)

    A lot of the smaller matches 2v2s, 3v3s, 5v5s can be amazingly fun and I wish that every player in chivalry could experience the feeling of an extremely close, and well-fought match between two teams of equal skill.

  • I think its a great idea, doubt TB has the time/energy to work on implementing it though. Would it have a map/mode selection function inbuilt? Not that big of an issue, but it could be a neat little time saving addition, as would being able to save preset loadouts for quicker selection.

  • Would love to see this. I’ve been surprised by how addictive CS GO competitive mode can be.

    I’d suggest that you read this and realize TB has done the exact opposite:

    I’m doubtful they want to go on the competitive route it takes too much effort if you compare it to just making a casual game for everyone to enjoy but is less profitable in the end of course. Just look at what an industry these, literally, million dollar tournaments are becoming.

    I understand that the competitive market is currently dominated by MOBA’s, shooter and strategy games but what I don’t understand is that you do not take the initiative to innovate, the chance to be the first at something great. There is a hole in the market for the type of game that you were creating.

    There is a potential market and audience for what you’ve created. It was very small compared to these giants but you have to start somewhere. Perhaps you lost trust in your game to become competitive but it had potential that you maybe didn’t see or maybe the thing that held you back was the illusion that balancing this game for competitive players would scare away the non-competitive players and of course DW….We’ve been through this how painfully wrong and illogical this is all was.

  • I prefer public play and a casual experience.

    Just kidding ha

  • well yeah, i know it would be a lot of work so if they were to make another game i would include something like this. And i’m talking more along the lines with what SSH agreed with, it doesn’t have to be JUST for competitive players… the matchmaking systems would even allow casual players to set up smaller matches with each other and experience an environment where their actions really matter. Anyone can play a comp game of csgo, don’t have to be competitive to do that. Think if newer players just even did like 2v2’s… they could learn how to work with a teammate, not to team attack, how to move around them, how to let their teammate move around them, how to make good use of class composition strategy, and more.

    Most people only pub in this game and have never experienced what an organized game can be and that there is actually strategy involved and not just running in and swinging as many times as they can before stamina runs out.

    The focus is not really just on competitive but the entire playerbase growing. Even for pubs though and larger servers some kind of better matchmaking or balancing could be done. Could kind of have an algorigm for total ranks and sequentially go from high rank to low and then like split the 50’s on opposite teams, then the 40s, 30’s and so on until you have a pretty balanced team based on rank or sometthing. I dont know… it would be really cool

    I see the complication though of also having servers that would do this, but if it took off… having smaller servers doesn’t cost much so even players can set up a lot of matchmaking servers and such.

    It’s just an idea i guess for now. Something that should definitely be implemented in the future of this game, or following games.

  • I wouldn’t really expect the matchmaking, but Chiv+ has the “ready” function built in (although it could do with some improvements) and a rudimentary PuG mode was something I had in mind for a while. If this patch turns out to be a good thing that competitive players want to scrim on, Chiv+ will definitely be changing to match that (i.e. future live balance) because after all that’s mostly what it’s intended for. From there, it will be possible to add all sorts of competitive features for Chivalry as well as other useful features and bug fixes. Things like ready-up, optional/different friendly damage punishment, etc.

    I’m really excited that I will be able to finally add to a game that I want to play and create the ultimate tool for improving the Chivalry experience. My goal is to make everything in Chiv+ completely optional and controllable by server owners so there will be literally no reason to not install unless you’re lazy. ;)

    For anyone reading this and worrying, my plans include keeping the “old school” balance for those that want it.

  • I definitely support the ideas. All of those things are necessary for any competitive game to take off. Imagine if you could do 2v2’s and 3v3’s by just clicking on a button in the menu. That would be wonderful.

  • 100% agree with all of it. Wonderful ideas.

  • Matchmaking for sure. At the moment, competitive gameplay is way too inconvenient and hard to access for most players, but matchmaking would make that so much easier. You could differentiate between casual matchmaking (just like normal pubs but automatic matching for ping, player slots, etc), and competitive matchmaking that would be limited to players with a certain milestone, like hours played or rank achieved.

    In my opinion, games like CS:GO and LoL have a large (competitive) playerbase because of their ease of access.
    It would significantly increase the playerbase if TBS implemented features that would make it easier for both casual and competitive players alike to play the game the way they want to.

    In-game voice communication split between both teams sounds like a great idea, because the way I see it, isn’t that the reason we use TeamSpeak/Mumble? To compensate for the lack of a feature a game like Chivalry should have?

    Anyways Clayton, 100% support. Honestly, if even half of what you suggested was put into the game, I would be so fucking happy.
    So, fucking, happy.

    By the way Sophax, well said.


    I understand that the competitive market is currently dominated by MOBA’s, shooter and strategy games but what I don’t understand is that you do not take the initiative to innovate, the chance to be the first at something great. There is a hole in the market for the type of game that you were creating.

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