Server Tags

  • So this is probably a stretch of a suggestion as I doubt many people would find it useful, but I would really like to see the ability to tag servers similar to the way you can in source games.

    For Chivalry mods, the “mod” column can be of some use here in attempting to display to users what exactly the server is running but it’s not perfect.

    Even without mods it would be useful to know before joining if a server is forcing 1st person perspective or has 100% friendly fire, for example.

    As I am creating a mod that has the goal of expanding options for server hosts to a much larger degree, and to much more drastic effect in some cases than vanilla Chivalry offers, it is somewhat of a necessity for players to be able to see certain settings a server may have before joining in order to not waste their time joining servers running something they do not wish to play. The only option at the moment is to rely on server owners to tag their server using the title, which isn’t too attractive and certainly isn’t reliable.

    I don’t want to put people off joining servers running a mod because they could accidentally join a server with a particular setting they do not like, but right now there is no way to display this to a player in the server browser. Even if it’s possible to live update the mod display name (I haven’t checked if it is :p), the default column size is too small and would cut off most of the settings information.

    Oh, and while I’m on the subject of server browser changes, it would also be helpful if the game mode column’s appearance was something specified by the game-type code and not assumed from the map prefix. I’m sure it’s a bit confusing being told it’s FFA and it turning out to be Free Duel or SwordGame in the case of Chiv+.

  • In terms of the server browser, I for one think the biggest priority is to make the custom server “highlight” not more noticeable than the currently selected server, as it is now.(although it might have already been tweaked in Beta, not sure)

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