Need some help…Youtuber playing Chivalry and I SUCK

  • I am really kinda terrible at Chivalry. I have a few vids on my channel and I am looking for tips on how the hell to play the game!!

    Have a gander and please give me tips!!

  • So I watched your latest vid, and I guess I can give ya a few pointers.

    First of all, from what I see, you only click the left mouse button to attack. In Chivalry, you have a variety of attacks and combos, and you achieve them by using the scroll wheel. Scrolling up on the wheel makes your weapon stab, and scrolling down results in an overhead. Different weapons (usually the more exotic ones) have different varieties of those attacks, but generally those rules apply to all weapons.

    Secondly, to parry or block attacks, you need to aim for the tip. That means, for example, if somebody jumps up and stabs you, you need to aim your parry high up, and if somebody tries to slash around your waist, you need to turn your body in the direction of the attack and parry. Sometimes people manipulate the speed of their attacks and we call that dragging. It means that after they start an attack, they either move it away from the enemy or towards the enemy to accelerate or decelerate their strike. They do this so that they can bypass your parry.
    IMPORTANT: The point of dragging (and other tactics/techniques) is to force you to ‘panic parry.’ Essentially, they want you parry too early so that you go into a slight parry recovery, during which they can hit you with their attack. What you have to train yourself to do over the course of time is to try to parry only when their attack is going to hit you, not when they start the attack, otherwise you may parry too early or too late.

    Anyways, most of the stuff that we do is gained through experience. You should just play the game, pay a lot of attention to your mistakes and think of ways to fix 'em. Also, go into duel servers and ask experienced players what they do in duels and how you can do it too.

  • The best way to learn is to join free-for-all duel servers like the Monk or Interitus ones. You run around and either hit c or bow and if they do it back, you duel them. It’s more fun than the official duel mode, and most of the high-tier players go on servers like these regularly. Just watch what they do and ask for tips/advice, try to learn all the mechanics and timing/ranges of the various weapons. The only way you’ll get really good is to put the time in. And I don’t mean like 50 hours total, where you’ll be decent, I mean hundreds of hours where you’ll be a war machine.

  • By far the best place to watch top players and learn is Interitus Duels, as Oy said. I’m also an admin there so I help to keep the peace.

    But the most important thing you need to know, is every tactic/move in the game is fair, and shouldn’t be complained about. Especially feints. If you see someone complain about feints, says they’re OP, unfair, cheap, etc. ignore that person, and do not watch him play or take notes from his playstyle.

    If you can learn to deal with feints early in your play-time, it will help a lot down the road and help you become a better player much faster.

    P.S. - Oy I didn’t know you were in NA. What’s your IGN? I must’ve seen you in Int Duels at least once before.

  • @Flippy:

    By far the best place to watch top players and learn is Interitus Duels, as Oy said.

    The reason I didn’t recommend Int duels right off the bat is because at his stage it’ll be hard for him to catch on to the things people do in there (reverse overheads, facehug stabs, feint-into-drags, brandistock stab drags, MAA slashes).

    Even though I was “brought up” in Chivalry by strictly playing a Classic Duel server until I got good, I’d recommend he plays some public matches first and gets the hang of the core mechanics of the game before he learns how to manipulate said mechanics.

  • @Flippy:

    P.S. - Oy I didn’t know you were in NA. What’s your IGN? I must’ve seen you in Int Duels at least once before.

    I play as Cyanide in-game, sometimes Spartacus :P

  • @Oy:

    I play as Cyanide in-game, sometimes Spartacus :P

    That’s weird, I’ve never seen you before.

  • Sent you a friend invite on steam man.

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