I may get flak for this. But Minotaurs and Dragons!

  • Alright… bear with me, but this could be a grand expansion idea. Forget about the deadliest warrior, lets do deadliest mythological beast. You could have a Minotaur Npc with a giant axe, that just wrecks everything in a free for all match, or have some kind of objective to take out a dragon!

    I know there is a degree of realism, in just being man vs man. But its still a fictional verse, why not?

  • You know, I had a pretty similar idea except it would be Godzilla type monsters with customizable parts like the Armored Core franchise does. You select various parts (arms, legs, heads, ect.) and do combat with Chivalry style combat. I’m sure this would be hard to do properly, but I feel it would be hella awesome.

    I do like your idea as well. Mythological beasts are awesome and it would be cool to see them clash!

  • Dragons are cool, if you ever fought the dragon in baulders gate II its pretty good fun.
    The can set everyone on fire with the flammey breath, pummel everyone to the ground with a beat of their wings, knock everyone down with their tail swipe, bite people in half, stop on them….
    It’d be great to have a dragon make a rare appearance in TO games just to WTF ROFL stomp everyone for a bit.

  • Not for chivalry.

  • Sounds like a concept for a mod. Could work for something like Mana Warfare.

    But I think monsters should be player-controlled like the kings. For NPCs you need stellar AI, otherwise they would be underwhelming.

  • I would like an Invasion-like Mod,much like UT2004 invasion mode,where players have to fend off waves of different monsters.
    The first wave could compose of angry peasants,the second could include armed peasants,the third minotaurs,etc.And the last wave would be a fire-breathing dragon.It could even have RPG elements,so that it never becomes boring.This wouldn’t be easy to pull off,though.

  • Maybe we can bring back this beauty from Quake 2

    just add in some pimps and we are good to go.

  • Would be pretty epic to have one team against a big boss fight. Top player in FFA becomes a dragon or minotaur for the last 3 minutes of the round? I’d love it haha.

  • +1 All of this.

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