Can't connect to Official Servers

  • Hi Guys and Mr. Soup,

    Since patch 2 for CDW was released, I’m missing alot of servers in my serverbrowserlist. The weird thing is, I do see servers in my list, but only the same 17 servers for 3 days now. All of the servers, i’ve never seen before the patch and ALL of them have 0 players on it. (I checked several times for 3 days now, still 0 players)

    If I try to connect to a familiar server with the ingame console (for example “open” or “open” wich are both known as “DW Official Banner/Classic #01/#02 London (Multiplay)”) I receive the message “Connection Lost. You cannot join the match because the host has downloadable content you do not”. :frown-new:

    My list of troubleshooting so far:**

    • I disabled my windows firewall, my malwarebytes and security essentials.
    • I reinstalled the whole game
    • I forwarded some ports on my router as shown here: (except the Call Of Duty ports, because CoD sucks…)
    • I did “verify game cache integrity” 2 times. before and after I reinstalled CMW
    • I renamed the “MasterServer2.vdf” file
    • …\My Games\Chivalry Deadliest Warrior\CDWGame –> “Config” Folder renamed to “Config.old”
    • Steam -> Settings -> Downloads+Cloud -> Game server browser is set to 2000
    • I’m not running the beta :D
    • I don’t use any filters in my serverbrowser
    • you cant imagine how often I clicked the refresh button the last few days… same for restarting steam
    • run the game as “administrator”… for whatever reason
    • did all the windows updates… I mean ALL of them, even those updates I don’t want to have :(
    • watched a couple guys on, to check if maybe the game died like 3 days before. (because i only see that odd servers with 0 players on it)

    I attached 2 files to this Post:

    • Launch.log, as requested in the Giant Solution List (I renamed it to Launch.txt to be able to upload)
    • Screenshot of the “odd servers” I see for few days now :( …it feels so lonely

    Thanks in advance for reading my post <3

  • Developer

    You’re on the previous DW build still (note the Compiled (32-bit): Nov 19 2013 15:58:44), and it looks like those servers you see are just stragglers that haven’t updated.

    Few things:

    1. Are you opted into any branches? If you right-click on the game in the library, click Properties, then Betas, you should be in NONE
    2. Are you playing from an account that owns DW? Can you see it in the DLC tab in the Properties window?
    3. Maybe post your content_log.txt from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\log, that log has details about updates and might reveal why Steam isn’t updating DW

  • Are you able to filter for servers that you don’t normally see? ECG. If no duel servers paper without the filter if you filter for duel, do any turn up?

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