[RELEASED] Impasse - TD, LTS, KOTH for smaller teams

  • Impasse is a map focused on smaller teams and strategic gameplay. I started this project out of a desire to have a map balanced for 5v5 matches with friends and coworkers. The basic structure is inspired by Gears of War-style multiplayer maps, focusing on competitive symmetry and flanking. The central combat bowl features narrow ramps and walkways that encourage exciting moments such as kicking enemies to their death or leaping down from above to cleave people in half.

    Ideal team sizes are 5v5 to 8v8. All the way up to 16v16 is technically supported, but definitely cramped. Very small matches like 3v3 are a bit more playable than on some of the larger shipping maps.

    Impasse has been iterated on in a closed beta state for a while and is now fully released. However, there are sure to be some lingering bugs and possibly some game balance issues. The more heads rolling on this map, the better. So please play some matches and send me your feedback and any egregious bugs. Also, please let me know if you guys want more maps of this style; smaller competitive maps. If there’s a demand, I may put some future effort toward more maps like this.

    Steam Workshop:

    Impasse Narrative:
    An Agathan defensive checkpoint is under assault by an encroaching Mason army. The canyon pass is narrow, treacherous, and secured by a large gate. On one side is a sheer cliff, on the other side a dreary lake. Ruins of an old fortress destroyed by a war long since forgotten loom over the recent chaos and bloodshed. This structure is a stark reminder of the mutually destructive state of this battle and the war as a whole. These opposing armies truly are at an impasse, as a dry autumn foreshadows an encroaching, crippling winter.

  • These screenshots do look really cool, as does your description of the map.
    Looking forward to trying it!

  • Looks great!

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