Purchased the death mask and horseman helmet

  • they look good

  • I don’t think buying hats will get the beta released faster.

  • We need to try everything at our disposal, Nab.

  • i just bought like 14 bucks worth of helmets yesterday. I got both the packs for agatha and mason. I also only got the ones i like out of the 99cent ones because i don’t like all of them.

    It’d be cool if they made the colors that you’ve earned available on the newer helmets, the pack and the individual ones included.

    Could change the interface up to where you can do like helmet, then select the color option for that helm, no real need to have like silver, black, and gold all for the same helm when you can just have the 1 helmet and have color options for each, since they’re basically just the vet helm with color.

  • Ive never even looked at the helmets since the paid ones came out. Might check it out.

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