Sound direction issue

  • Please be patient with me while I try to describe this issue. Far away sounds are occurring near to me, while near sounds are occurring far away or in the wrong direction. It’s like the fights I’m seeing, that aren’t even close to me, the way I’m hearing them it’s as if I’m amongst the actual fight. In addition, I can hear fights off in directions where there is no map. I only just re-installed the game and validated game files. There have been a few others with the same problem I believe. Any files I need to fix/edit/delete and re-add?

  • How loud are these sounds? Could you record a video? If you don’t have a screen recorder bandicam does 10 minutes free and has the smallest file size out of All of them. We only need to hear the sound.

  • I read on reddit that somebody playing CS had weird sound issues where sounds were coming from out of the map or from the wrong direction and it turns out he had his headset on backwards. However your issue says close sounds are very quiet and far away sounds are loud as if they are next to you? Dunno then.

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