Game minimize itself without reason and cant max it out

  • The following problem is constant sinse new launcher has been relased:
    Randomly, mostly after every map change game starting to minimize itself after pressing several buttoms. 4 example: P, D, and many other mostly necessary ingame. I asked mates on server and many people have this bug.

    One guy said this is because of other applications in backgroud, skype for example, but this is not true cause i dont have any other appps than steam in backgroud.

    Possible fix for this bug is to verify integrity of game cache or to restart pc. Thing is that when this bug appear and Chilvary is minimized it somehow generete huge lag and i cant even disable it by process manager nor verify integrity of game cache. And this is even more weird cause when game is on i have only 20% CPU usage and 20% RAM usage and i can run every other app without smallest delay. Only Chilvary process seems to be extremely lagged and pc reset is much faster than attempt to off Chiv by windows menager.

    I very hope this bug will be fixed because yesterday i restarted pc more times than in past 3 months -.-

    **edit# OK this is not TornBanner fault. i guess at least

    My problem was exacly like that one described here

    but somehow this windows was blocking itself and even when i pressed P or Q or sth without windows key this windows appeared.

    I fixed this by physically REMOVING left windows key from keyboard so now i cant accidentally hit it during a game.**

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