Split between DW and CMW

  • So who wants to figure out the split between CMW and DW. Perhaps count number of players across both sets of servers at peak time. If remix was still here we could modify the java server browser.

    personally I played DW around 10 hours before returning to CMW 1000 hours.

    CMW servers still seem quite highly populated so looking at the steam stats I would guess they have at least 75%

  • yeah i’ll say its about 75/25. you can still find a full DW server though.

  • I have been playing DW more often since they added the medals and really is far less populated. I’ve only got about 80 hours total in it or something and I’m pretty much done with it again. I can only stomach it about 40 hours at a time before I stop playing it for a few months. I think it’s more like 85-15, there’s only ever about one server populated when I play here on the east coast. The medals are fun to get in pubs though, like the best KD, highest damage dealt, most damage blocked, ect.

  • wut? people play DW?

  • Wut? Someone bought DW?

  • Whats DW? Never heard of it. Must be bad.

  • Is it possible for DW to actually show up here on the Steam stats page or is included with the base game stats or just not at all?


    If it can show up then that’s pretty disconcerting because I’ve never seen DW in the top 100 before.

    Do we even know how well DW sold? Are there any numbers for it or have TBS posted anything about the game’s sales numbers?

  • It always makes me sad to see Train Simulator being played more than Chivalry.

  • Saying things like “people bought DW?” and “what is DW?” doesn’t make you people sound more intelligent or cool.

  • ^ It just makes you seem like an ungrateful turd trying to sound edgy. DW is fun for a few hours in between MW matches. No reason to hate on it.

  • @Oy:

    No reason to hate on it.

    There’s lots of reasons to hate on it, especially because of all the work and time put into it that should’ve been put into MW.

  • @SOC:

    There’s lots of reasons to hate on it, especially because of all the work and time put into it that should’ve been put into MW.

    But then we wouldn’t have DW would we.

    And there was 3 months of absolute nothing from torn banner AFTER deadliest warrior release. Yet during its development we got patches. Including the dreaded a “patch”. About the same time they sent out the alpha invites.

  • I don’t think many people would complain if we didn’t have DW, and instead had this kind of quality from Torn Banner a year ago and focusing on more high quality content for MW and better balance direction.

  • They could of made it worse. You never know. Its balance after all.

  • You speak the truth, man. I am happy that things are much better right now though, and I’m excited for Chivalry’s future again.

  • DW was what they apparently needed in order to get their heads right and get back to MW. You could say DW saved MW. As a stand-alone cheapy game, DW is absolutely fine.

  • DW is good to just goof around, return to the noob years and go lmb spamming. I understand some people just can’t let go off MW, but DW is fun when you just can’t be bothered with anything else.

    Concerning the time and resources spent on its making, it definitely made money a and TB learn stuff while doing it so now they can improve MW in other areas. I wouldn’t say it was a waste. It was also used as a distraction while TB was waiting for the community to stop whining about panic parry and CFtP…. that didn’t quite work out…

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