Rank got reset to 0 after CU Patch 4

  • so the patch just came out, and my rank got reset to 0. Isn’t that nice?

    I still got all my weapons though but is there a way to fix this?

  • I remember in the past that people ranks used to change to 0 but only for a short moment. It usually fixes itself, try re-launching chivalry.

  • The only thing reset for me were the keybinds (good job for not resetting my video settings). You can fix the weapon bug by opening your UDKStats.ini and setting your weapon kills to 0. Not sure if it also works for rank.

  • You just re-join the server.

  • ha me too, different servers will fix. I had people call me a hacker because of my low rank.

  • Bizarrely, I want my rank reset. Or at least put where it belongs.

    Im currently a rank glitched 50 with about 560 hours played. I mean - I have proven capable of being a reliable part of a good team in scrims so im far from an embarrassment to the rank but… shit - I hate having the 50 tag. I got rank glitched up to 42 when i was something like rank 35 and its never sorted itself, ive only kept on ranking upwards.

    I sorta want to be whatever rank I actually should be lol.

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