New Combo-Parry animation is lackluster.

  • Of course, I responded to many people who wanted animation updates to CFtP and Combo-Parry, saying it wasn’t possible unless you want timing revamps.

    Now we have an animation that doesn’t match what you see in first person. The animation feels like there is a 0.1 to 0.2 second deadzone in the beginning and then you pull up your parry. Instead, the timings are the same and your parry ends as soon as you fully bring up your weapon.

    Please revert the first person animation back to what it was unless you plan timing changes.

  • It looks like the SoW parry in DW when you use it with the Knight swords. It looks wonky.

  • I thought people wanted 3rd person animation changes, not first person. It looked fine in first person anyway. Now it just looks like the game has glitched. I actually thought that something was wrong with my game until it was explained to me what was happening.

  • it hasn’t thrown me off at all, if you land the parry you don’t see the animation anyhow.

  • Certain swings on some weapons hardly animate the combo parry at all in first person. All of the 1-handers do an awkward slow-motion return to idle without any solid indication that a combo parry has been performed. Polearms do the same thing.

  • Yeh I noticed this today with the first person 1-handers. Doesn’t look like a parry at all.

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