Chivalry User Experience Survey (& Game prize draw) Call for participants

  • I am conducting some research into social engagement in various online team-based games and I am looking for volunteers to participate in a user experience study.

    If you would like to participate in some games research and maybe win a prize please keep reading (more on the prize below).

    The study just involves playing Chivalry in any team based mode (TDM or TO), then following the link below to the online questionnaire. The questionnaire contains around 15 context and demographic questions followed by around 40 multiple choice questions. It should take around 3-5 minutes to complete.

    Click here to go to the Questionnaire

    Some of you may remember I conducted a similar study back in 2012, the Chivalry community made a really valuable contribution to the research and so I’m back to ask for your feedback one more time. This study will be part of a larger research project measuring the user experience of various team-based games.

    I also have an optional prize draw for participants. Data is very valuable to me so I am using some research funds to buy Steam games to give away. I was thinking of DayZ or Rust as they are fairly popular atm, but if the winner doesn’t want one of those I will get something of equivalent value (maybe you want another copy of Chivalry). If you want to be entered into the prize draw just include your email in the questionnaire so I can contact you should you win. All email addresses will be deleted once the draws are complete. While there will be various game communities participating in this research, each game community will have its own prize draw, so someone from the Chivalry community will win. I will also be conducting project wide prize draws once I have all the data.

    I have permission from the moderator Keith to post this just so you know I’m not spamming :)

    About me: I am currently working as an EngD research student at the University of York in the UK, I am now in my final year, and my research is focused on immersion and presence in online team-based computer games an other multi-user virtual environments.

    Please answer honestly.

    All data collected will be anonymised.

    The questionnaire will be open for a week or so, and I will post a summary of the results once the data is in and analysed.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who would like to participate.

  • I participated. Personally I feel like you could cut down on the last few questions in Section 2, but nice survey overall.

  • Very nice survey. Some questions feel kind of repetitive though ;)

  • Cool survey. But as Rickvs and Vesanus said, many of the questions seem to either be redundant and/or asked the same thing another question did, just in different words. I also mentioned this is my final Comments box.

    But good luck on the project. I can’t imagine the amount of work it’s taking to do all this. I hope you get an A+. :D

  • Hey thanks to everyone who has participated so far, please spread the word :)

    thanks for the feedback, its always good to get fresh eyes on things.

    The repetition is a symptom of tying to measure the various similar concepts that make up social engagement, the last study I asked the Chivalry community to take part in I think the questionnaire was around double the length. XD I got some harsh feedback then, but its good as the feedback and the data helped reduce the number of questions in line with what the community felt was important and in a statistically valid way. Something that bugs participants is never good, but its good to get feedback so I can try to constantly improve things.

  • Cool. Good luck with the research work.

  • “I have permission from the moderator Keith to post this just so you know I’m not spamming :)”

    That’s a lie…A BIG LIE!

    I’m kidding.

    I hope your survey goes well. :)

  • around 70 participants already, hopefully we’ll make it to 100 (magic statistical number) :)

    thanks to everyone taking part so far, very cool!

  • Done and done.

  • There we go, good luck with the survey!

  • Good luck with the survey. I wouldn’t mind seeing your conclusions.

  • hi all, I got a really good response rate (over 80!) over the weekend and I will be closing the questionnaire on Monday.

    I’ll do the random prize draw as soon as its closed and will contact the winner. Thanks again for contributing to this study :)

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