My thoughts after a year break and requesting some expert player opinions

  • I’m quite torn(lol) at the moment and I would really appreciate it if the real Chiv experts could help me. But first…

    My opinion of the current state of Chiv as a returning player

    When I started playing Chiv at release, it had some bugs and I really enjoyed it. I played up until lvl 31 before I left around the time of the new helms being released.

    I always watched the forums and saw a lot of moaning about different issues, most specifically people saying there were ghost swings and not being able to parry, but I personally never had any problems. I’ve seen patches come and go but not played in a long time, when I started playing again a few days ago the game feels very different, maybe less fluid, but what I notice now is a huge amount of ghost swings and other oddities which I never experienced on release. Is this the same for everyone? Has Chiv taken a step backwards in detecting hits properly? The most glaring example was yesterday when an archer slashed at me, I immediately parried successfully and there was a visual and auditory indication that i’ve parried. Then half a second later I fall to the floor dead and even my opponent said he had no idea how he had killed me as I parried the attack. These are things I never experienced. This is not a moaning thread, just a question thread.

    1) First Request - What the patch changes mean in terms of gameplay

    Can someone with considerable knowledge give returning players a simplified version of how the game has changed and what to expect? I can’t get used to the current system and i’ve read through the patch archive but I don’t know what the changes mean in terms of gameplay. The game feels so different but I don’t understand what exactly is different about it(apart from what seems to be bad hit detection). I would really appreciate a guide to the current state of chivalry and how it has changed in gameplay terms, what was torn banner’s vision with the changes?

    **2) Second Request - A guide/tips on how to play Chiv with the current mechanics
    The old Chiv videos are outdated, the things that were done in those videos are now not possible or viable, are there any up to date guides for advanced tactics in Chiv? A video maybe?

    **Lastly - a pet hate about this game

    **Since coming back, I spent a couple of hours fine tuning all of my keys in Chiv, I use a Razer Orbweaver and I use the thumb stick to move, which meant rebinding the whole setup. Then the patch came yesterday and everything reset, it almost made me want to ragequit and it is very frustrating. Is there a way to stop this happening? If I quite for a month or something I may find that all my keybinds are gone and i’m sure people think to themselves “I cant be bothered rebinding keys” which will stop them returning and double click another game in their Steam library.

    Sorry if this was a bit of a moaning thread, but I really think some help would be good for all returning players if they read this thread.

  • If you haven’t played for a while and the game doesn’t feel fluid it’s just because you’re rusty. I didn’t play for a week or two one time and then when I came back the game felt very wonky, but within hours I was back in my groove.

    For the parry thing, perhaps there was lag? I don’t know.

    I don’t know when the helms were released, but in the summer last year there was a patch that changed the way you can parry. Before that time, you had your ordinary parry. You can only parry when not in an attack, however you could feint an attack and then parry (in combo too). Then the patch took out the combo->feint->parry by adding a small cool down after the combo->feint but added the ability to parry during the recovery part of your swing (after the damage part). You were not able to riposte a panic parry. (Note: some people refer to this parry as recovery parry and they refer to panic parry as an instinctive parry when they THINK an attack is going to happen, such as a quick riposte stab)

    Very recently (yesterday? two days ago?) torn banner implemented a patch to revert these changes. Recovery parry is now removed and combo->feint->parry no longer has a cool down, so you can actually use it. In addition they added a combo-like feeling to recovery->parry (since you combo into the parry it’s not instant, seems useless so far). Besides that and various weapon damage changes and archer projectile speeds increased the gameplay is pretty much the same.

    The tips and guides should still be relevant. Knowing range of weapons, how many hits it takes to kill your opponent, techniques for dragging and footwork.

    I only need to do 2 keybind changes myself, so I haven’t looked into it, but perhaps there is a .ini file or some such file that holds your keybind preferences? If so you could keep a backup of that and then paste it over the new blank one when a patch hits.

  • Pretty much they took everything out then reverted it and put it all back in again. There’s some stamina changes various speed changes and a bit more balance. Except knight swords and shields suck compared to other things and people are complaining about the MAA being good in 1v1 situations.

    I don’t think saying “in the summer of last year” is a good judge of time coaster_man because there’s something called the Southern Hemisphere. But yes in July there was a patch that changed everything. The patch. Brought in a bubble which still remains and torn banner refuses to change and quite often avoids in communication.

  • @lemonater47:

    Brought in a bubble which still remains and torn banner refuses to change and quite often avoids in communication.

    Tibbs and Andrew have both said that the bubble is very likely to be reduced in the next patch.

  • @Flippy:

    Tibbs and Andrew have both said that the bubble is very likely to be reduced in the next patch.

    Its why I used the words “quite often”.

  • @lemonater47:

    Its why I used the words “quite often”.

    That’s a real overstatement. They’ve been having wonderful communication recently.

  • @Flippy:

    That’s a real overstatement. They’ve been having wonderful communication recently.

    Don’t feed the trolls. Lemon lives to reply and reply and reply.

  • @Flippy:

    That’s a real overstatement. They’ve been having wonderful communication recently.

    Well I was meaning in the last 8 months.

  • Whats the bubble?

  • Don’t expect to be as good as you were, because not only you got rusty, but everyone else got a lot better.
    I would recomend playing duels to get back in shape - there’s nothing better to understand the game mechanics, as you are fully concentrated in one enemy. Use one weapon for a week or so, untill you can familiarize yourself with the timings, reach and such.
    If you see someone doing some move you don’t understand, ask them. Many players love to teach special atacks to newer players.
    Other than that, have fun =)

  • @mattavich:

    Whats the bubble?

    They made it so that you collide with enemies from further away. Ostensibly to reduce face-hugging, but it ended up being more annoying than helpful. Hopefully it will go away soon.

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