When I close Chivalry it's still running?

  • When I close chivalry nowadays steam is telling me that Chivalry is still running (and that I’m still ingame) and all I can do is restarting steam with the taskmanager. Why? Please fix :|

  • CMW or UDK.exe don’t show up in TM when you’ve closed the game but it still says it’s running?

  • Developer

    What’s still running in the Task Manager? Do you see CMW.exe or UDK.exe? Do you see ChivLauncher.exe? WorkshopUserTool.exe?

  • No everything is closed. It’s just steam thinking that the game is still running. Is it maybe cause I close the game through console the console?
    I always did this though…

    Edit: Nvm, yes the Workshopusertool.exe was still running in the background. Closing it fixes it. Still annoying…

  • Developer

    Yes, and that shouldn’t be happening. The launcher must be leaving it open. Will investigate. Thanks for the report.

  • I think it really only happens when I quit through console

    Edit: No I just quit through the console and everything is fine. Not sure what exactly causes that

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