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  • Anyone have suggestions for capture cards?

    I’ve been looking at both elgato game capture HD vs. the AVermedia Live gamer portable.

    I likke the idea that they’re so portable and can stream off a number of devices including pc, ps3/4, xbox 360/One… and the elgato can actually do wii/wiiU as well.

    I want to know if anyone has these and has both streamed/recorded chivalry and other games to see which one performs better, uses less resources, has more options, and just looks better overall and also has pretty ease of use to setup which both of them seem to do.

    I also wanted the portable style over the pci/pcie cards because it would be easier to do a quick setup for console streaming as well.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, that’d be great too.

    ANyone have any input on this?

  • I’ve heard Blackmagic Intensity pro is a good capture card. Also seen some Youtubers use it.

  • They are generally 4 or 5 times more expensive than PC recording software so I would only get one if you are gonna record on consoles LOTS.

    There’s a list of a bunch it tells you stuff about them all. They are all the portable ones.

    Generally the HD-PVR 2 seems to be the most popular for people. Though most popular doesn’t mean the best all the time. I mean look at fraps recording software its almost the worst yet its popular.

  • Developer

    We use NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay in the office and the quality is easily the best we’ve seen with almost no performance impact at all, but obviously it’s more limited than some of the hardware offerings (e.g. you won’t be recording console footage with it).

    We have some external hardware devices from…; despite advertising to the contrary, we never managed to get them to record video that actually looks like it’s 1080p, video seems to be downscaled from 1080p to something noticeably lower, then upscaled back to 1080p – it’s very noticeable if you just try recording a static desktop. There are also plenty of compression artifacts, regardless of what bitrate you set it to. Maybe fine if you’re streaming to Twitch or something, but the quality stinks for video recording. Just look for some 1080p captures on Youtube before deciding; even with Youtube’s compression on top of things, the difference is obvious.

  • Software wise I like bandicam. One of the more flexible ones. Doesn’t stream though. According to the developers they have it planned some time in the future. Miles away though.

    Fraps is old and horrible. Lags horrifically and file size wise you have a choice of Huge or Ginormous. Your choice of codecs are YV12 and RGB. And that’s pretty much your only settings. You have to record in the same resolution you play in and it you limit the FPS of the recording it does the same for in game. Goog quality though.

    People keep saying that fraps has better quality than bandicam and that’s why you should get fraps. Those people are idiots as with bandicam you can record in the same codecs and turn compression off and viola you have a fraps recording in bandicam. There’s also hardware acceptation which Is great for chivalry being CPU intensive and hardly using the GPU at all. Further increasing performance. In fact that’s why Nvidia shadowplay is so good as its just a hardware accerared screen recorder. With bandicam you can do the same thing with Nvidia, AMD and even integrated intel graphics.

    Bunch of good stuff with bandicam. Though its a little strange as its default settings aren’t great for editing your footage in professional editing software. Works fine in windows movie maker as that thing though useless will take any footage your throw at it. Something like Sony Vegas won’t. You either have to download the codecs or change some settings around. Its all outlined in tutorials but it involves people using google to find out how.

  • yeah i’ve been using shadowplay for a while and for recording it’s great, i find that for streaming though you get more of a performance hit on fps if you don’t use a 2nd pc for capture. I ended up going with a live gamer hd from avermedia.

    Shadowplay is currently what i use for recording for youtube and such and works nicely.

  • My recommendation for capturing cards

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