[BETA] Team Objective: Irilla Shore

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    Desperate to retain the only viable stronghold in an otherwise barren landscape; Agatha’s defence of the monastery at Irilla continues. Having successfully repelled the Masons, their resolve grows by the day as they slowly but surely rebuild their perimeter walls. The Order, in an audacious attempt to demoralise their opponents, launch their landing craft carrying an elite force to capture the Agathian banner.



    • Irilla Shore is a Team Objective map featuring four objectives.

    1. Objective: LANDING


    • Masons have to make their way to the village to cause as much havoc as they can.
    • Dead peasants and burnt buildings progress the Objective.


    • Argon’s forces need to keep the peasants from being slaughtered and buildings from being burnt.

    2. Objective: BREACHING


    • The attackers have to the ruined outer wall and use the two ballistae to lower the drawbridge.
    • Shooting a loose pillar creates an alternative route into the castle.


    • The outer wall needs to be secured! The Agathians have to stop the Mason forces from using the ballistae against them.

    3. Objective: DESTROYING


    • Once breached, the castle will be stormed by the Masons.
    • They have to sack the throneroom and push the defenders further back.


    • The defenders need to prevent the Masons from destroying the sacred lion statues.

    4. Objective: SNATCHING**


    • After destroying the statues, Masons enter the hall, housing the Agathian banner.
    • Their goal is to capture this banner, bring it to the shore and escape.


    • The defenders need to prevent the Masons from stealing the flag at all cost!


    • Massive

    • Crushed

    Additional Info, Licensing:
    All custom 3D assets used in this map are made by me using Blender.
    All textures used are either homemade or from http://cgtextures.com


    CGTextures offers photographs of materials (“Textures”) on its website (www.cgtextures.com) for game developers, special effects artists, graphic designers and other professions. No payment or royalties are required to use these Textures. The use of Textures is non-exclusive, royalty free, and you have the right to modify them for the uses permitted under the clause Conditions of Use.

  • aawesome map so far

  • This is very impressive! I just ran through the objectives by myself, but overall it seems really cool. I’m worried that having to bring the flag all the way back back through the map at the end will be a pain. I was a little confused at what I was supposed to shoot at when I first hopped on the ballista. Moving the hud markers down a bit and making the chains stand out more would help that.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the quick response Lucas! Pretty much all of the above mentioned is already going to be fixed in the upcoming patches. I will also work on a second way into the castle to remove the bottleneck at the bridge, as well as adding more cover inside the castle as it is currently really hard for the Masons to even get to the flag.

  • Wow this is an amazing work of art! From screenshots it feels like Hillside and Stoneshill at the same time.
    How much time did it take you to make the map?

  • Thank you very much. It took me about 3 weeks. 1 week of planning and 2 weeks of (pretty much) non stop work in the editor.

  • Looks amazing. WTB a server to play it.

  • You need a dead Lemon in the graveyard. I think everyone would love it if I was dead.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The first big patch is now live!



    • Improved Landscape
    • Added foliage
    • Added lemons
    • Chains should be more visible now
    • LOD tweaks on foliage to prevent dark bushes/ugly blending


    • Improved collision
    • Kismet clean-up and organizing
    • Added information on map start and end
    • Added additional information on 2nd objective
    • Removed central torch pit
    • Disabled torch pits in warmup
    • Scoreboard keeps track of killed peasants now
    • Added objective point rewards for 2nd and 3rd objective
    • Added second path into and out of castle
    • Tweaked respawn times and bonus time on completed objectives
    • Moved flag drop-off point into village
    • Flag carrier HUDMarker should be more reliable now

  • Looks honestly quite amazing! Going to get my buddy with a server to try it out. Great work!

  • @elwebbaro:

    • Added lemons

    Lol. Would be fun if you could squeeze them.

  • Played this map with 32 people.

    For 10 seconds before it ended.

    But people liked the map. I can’t give much feedback other than it seemed to work with 32 people.

  • Patch v.0.3 just got uploaded to the Workshop!



    • Fixed floating meshes
    • Added foliage
    • Added furniture in village
    • Added more cover inside throneroom


    • Improved collision
    • Fixed stuck spots
    • Improved landscape
    • Opened another door in throneroom
    • Moved Flag capture point closer to center of throneroom
    • Moved Flag drop off point back to shore
    • Added sound cues for flag interactions
    • Fixed flag HUDMarkers
    • Moved “Defend” HUDMarkers to ballistae
    • Moved market torch pit closer to village
    • Fixed enterable Mason spawn

  • Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz!

  • v.0.4:

    • Improved Landscape
    • Improved Collision
    • Fixed Postprocess chain (pain effects, fire, color blindness)
    • Fixed floating meshes
    • Minor material adjustments
    • Added Rumpel


    • Added new one way path for attackers + plateau for counter archers (2nd,3rd Objective)
    • Tweaked respawn times
    • HUDMarkers on 2nd objective should behave properly now
    • Added flag drop off HUDMarker for defenders
    • Increased Ammobox cooldown to 15 seconds

  • @elwebbaro:

    • Added Rumpel

    <3 best map

  • pls add me bby. :cupcake:

  • I better finish my work so I can test this baby.

  • This is a great map. I accidentally killed the flag bearer and got the flag but the objective said capture - is that by design?

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