Can't see servers with all open in the firewall

  • Hello, I’ve been opening (re-opening) all the files of Chivalry in my firewall and the server browser still doesn’t work. It only work if I turn off the firewall, but I don’t like to play 1 or 2 hours with my firewall off. Which are the ports involved in the game?

    The game was working fine before this patch.

    Since this patch too, when I exit the game, it’s still running in the task manager (CMW.exe) and can’t kill it never, I only can kill the task if I restart the computer. And Steam recognise it like if I am playing.

  • Developer

    It’s a standard Steamworks title, so take a look at and the other Steam documentation

    Nothing RE networking changed in the last patch; if you’re using firewall software you may need to reauthorize the game’s executable because the patch changed its appearance

  • Sorry for the delay on the reply. Thanks for the response.

    I have opened all the ports and reauthorized the game .exe and the launcher .exe and still doesn’t show the servers. I’ve tried playing with the firewall turned off one hour ago and didn’t show me the servers either (that was a temporary fix that was working).

    I don’t know how much more can I do. What are the ports of Chivalry?

    Greetings and thanks in advance.

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