Minor Bug via Chvivalry MeWa

  • There’s a minor bug when one is playing TO -Objective based servers- on Chivalry, if you are on Agatha team and the server auto balances you to the Mason team, if switch to your fists (Shield needed) your shield still has blue Agatha logo but now you are on Mason team. In order for this glitch to occur I noticed, you have to be a Man At Arms with a shield to begin with…

    So basically if you are MAA and playing TO server, with shield/whatever weapon of choice and you get autobalanced… lets say you are Mason, to the agathian team. Put your fisticuffs out and blam, watch the shield flicker slightly from blue, then a full on Red of your previous team shield. I’m not sure if this is posted already, and was tempted not to post it to begin with as I thought maybe it was a hidden of the disgust of being auto-balanced so you run around with the other teams shield to fuck with the current team due to being autobalanced. xD

    Also I noticed possibly this glitch might impact with each class in an unusual way. (this is a theory from what I’ve seen… and not confirmed.) I saw a Vanguard or maybe Knight? get auto’d not sure what weapon lineup he had going but his chat stayed in his other team chat. He was Mason, switched to Agatha and when he used team chat we could see what it said and registered as Mason, and not his then current Agatha team (he also couldn’t see text as it dissapeared, but all on Mason could see it)

    and if anyone can help I try to purchase all the helmets in-game but they keep failing?! :[ like 10 fails cause it doesn’t register (I have 10$ in Steam wallet)

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