Irilla Shore Review

  • Obviously I’m biased but this is the best looking map that I’ve played.

    No point looking for the word custom in that last paragraph, it isn’t there. In just four weeks elwebbaro has produced a beauty, a honey coated autumnal world as the sun sinks behind a blockading Mason armada. Desperate to retain the only viable stronghold in an otherwise barren landscape; Agatha’s epic defence of the monastery at Irilla continues. Having successfully repelled the Masons, their resolve grows by the day as they slowly but surely they rebuild their perimeter walls. The Order, in an audacious attempt to demoralise their opponents, launch their landing craft carrying an elite force to capture the Agathian banner.

    I do like a decent backstory and this map box ticks that box, the battle is set. Tonight was the first open alpha testing and with a full 32 slot server the map really came alive. Yes; there are possible issues with spawn locations, the old sticky point on the steep rock formations and bugged Agathian mission prompts but nothing that isn’t on elwebbaro’s list. It’s still too early to make any rash comments about how well the objectives work but the map’s got all the right ingredients. But that’s just my opinion and it’s particular to what I enjoy most about CMW, which is typically; slaughtering peasants, chasing down archers from their perches, firing the ballista and burning stuff. This map has got the lot; the barn filled with hay is a nice touch, a particularly gratifying target for a torch and generally there is far more scope on this map for throwing a torch in an opponent’s face than there is in Stoneshill.

    The sighting of the ballista works very well and with two in clear sight of each other, it looks like the battle for control of these weapons is a sustainable side objective even after the Masons have used them to break the chains retaining Agatha’s drawn bridge. The reward for achieving this mid game object is access to the interior of the monastery and believe me when I say that I could wax lyrical about this part of the map but I’ve done enough of that already, so see it for yourself. With the banner in sight, capturing it and taking it back across the entire map to the coast looks like a big ask. However, this is perhaps where the map has balance issues, as it is currently tricky to stop the Masons once they have the momentum. The Agatha spawn closest to the shoreline is probably the critical factor but only further testing will tell.

    Plenty of alternative routes, a fair few easter eggs with more on the way, I think that this map has legs and I’m pretty sure that with a few tweaks this map will deliver. We will keep the current build up on our server (KnH ~ Knighthood Irilla Shore) while elwebbaro works on the known bugs and I work on a way to convince him to make other four maps.

    PS. I’ve just played this with a thinner head count, nine a side, it’s seems like it’s easier to defend. I’ve always liked the way that different strategies are needed for Stoneshill and Dark Forest depending on the number of players and it looks this map will be no different in this respect.

  • Played it with 32 players and its pretty easy to snatch and run with the new bridge from that rock.

    One major flaw. The peasants don’t have names. They need names.

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