2 mods at 1 time- how to do? or is it possible?

  • I saw your awesome giant slayers mod and was wondering is it possible to run 2 coding mods at 1 time?

    I would like to run this on my server along with the MMM mods we already have there.

    the main question is, is that possible in the command line to have 2 ?modname= in there?


  • Developer

    No, unfortunately it’s one mod package at a time.

  • Looks like we need a metamodloader.

  • ty soup for the reply,

    is this something that will be fixed in the future by chance?

    or I guess we could just code that in our mod if that’s possible too right?

    dudeface wrote:
    “Looks like we need a metamodloader.”

    sounds like it my friend.

  • Developer

    You can just rip the code out and drop it in another mod: it’s on GitHub https://github.com/BradyBrenot

  • lol. I wanna try that giantslayer mod.

  • It’s surprisingly difficult to actually hit people when you’re this large.

  • thanks soup we will give that a try.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg a200 ft sword of cheap god that’s a scary thought, it would probably only be about a 100 on my server though as they are nerfed to about 4.5 ft long in our mod, much less cheap and way more skill oriented, you use footwork and not lmb only lol, people love it and we don’t get a bunch of zwei fags clearing the server either.

  • lol trust me it’s nearly impossible to hit those tiny rats with a 200ft sword.

    If you’re gonna hate on any sword it should be the greatsword. The zwei isn’t nearly as good unless you’re fighting complete and utter no-skill noobs.

  • you gotta remember I don’t play at the pace you guys do cause everything on our server is modded a bit faster, so it was literally killing the mod with its length and speed, and since every vanguard weapon is huge theres really no need for 3 more weapons that big anyway, it makes it a lot better this way and offers some diversity, and the charge attack has also been fixed, its a cute 7 feet not the 50 ft flying attack it was awhile ago

    you should try some of the 2ndarys or shorter weps on our server, they are actually usefull now and help eliminate face hugging since they aren’t 2 ft long.

    I don’t use the great sword, I stick with a messer if im using a sword as it has the smoothest and best feeling and coolest looking combos/animations in the game by far.

    your buddy versanus is very wrong,
    my server has plenty of knights (or any class really) in case your curious as knights in our mod truly have armor, and you can feel it when you hit them, so much is so diff its truly hard to explain it all unless you actually try it.

    next step modding the flinch times for 1h and 2h
    cause the way you can kill in the regular game now with smaller classes going mele is by the built in exploit of the long flinch time of the bigger classes compared to the lighter classes weapons strike time, and I will prove that theory correct very soon.

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