Southeast Asian Servers

  • Hello, I’m wondering if there will be anyone playing in SEA and if any official servers in SEA can be set up. Current lag in the other servers is horrible.

  • Hopefully Chivalry will have SEA server very soon. Bought this game with my friends, we really need good ping…

  • There are SEA servers in this game. If I’m not wrong, server #17, #19 and a few other servers are hosted in Singapore. I run the ChivalrySEA steam group, you guys can join if you like. We have VERY active players. The servers are always close to full 24/7 as of recently.

  • There are 3 in Singapore. Don’t believe the server browser when it says it’s full. I played this afternoon and the browser said all 3 servers were full. When I joined one, however, there were only 7 players in it. Something is causing players to not be registered properly.

  • I added countries to the Official Server list.


  • The SEA servers has been very laggy and people are getting choppy fps/teleporting lately.

    Whoever is hosting can you please look into it. There are a big group of regulars on that server and we’d really appreciate it if the hosts could look into it.

    Thanks !

  • Its a problem in your region. There have been quite a few people saying there’s lag on the servers. All have been from SEA.

    What’s going on over there?

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