Giant Slayers

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    We’re happy to hear all suggestions, thoughts, feedback, ideas, and so forth. Doing this as a mod is interesting since it lets us iterate on the mode without having to wait for patches, and without having to worry about cluttering up Chivalry’s code base any more than it already is. We might do this with other experiments in the future.


    Everyone starts at 60% normal size. Every kill causes you, your health, and your damage output to grow. There’s no limit to how enormous you can get, but you do become a much juicier target as you get big.

    How do I play?

    Join “TBS Official Giant Slayers Server” (NA), or any other server running the mod (sort the UGC or Mod column in the Server Browser).

    Alternatively, head over to the Workshop page, subscribe, download it, and play it offline (instructions on the page). Or host a server (instructions also on the page). If you’re hosting a server, please pay attention to restart/update it whenever the mod updates, which might happen at any time.

    How did you do this?

    There’s a tutorial on the SDK documentation site: Creating the “Giant Slayers” mod; that’ll take you right up to the first version of the mod, and isn’t all that complicated. After we found out that’s it’s actually really fun, I put a bit more time into it. The current source for mod is available at

    This is a fine example of how a mod need not be extremely complicated. One fun concept is all you need to get the ball rolling. Let the complexity come about organically.



    • rather than scaling up by a steady “15% of current scale” every time you get a kill, scaling is now:

      • ScaleStealPerKill * ( Enemy’s scale - default scale ), plus
      • FlatScalePerKill, plus
      • ScaleMultiplierPerKill * Current Scale
    • Healing now adds on a bonus depending on the enemy’s scale; actually, right now, the ‘based on your own scale’ healing is disabled, but it’s a variable flip if we want to turn it back on. This results in much less healing if you’re a titan who is just killing 60% size people, almost giving them a chance at fighting back

    • Stamina is restored in the same amount as you heal. Max stamina does not scale up.

    • Health regen scales up (at half the speed of max health)

    • After a certain size (currently 140%) you become a “small giant”; currently, this means that:

      • your outer collision cylinder stops colliding with other actors. This can cause a little oddness when fighting other players, some clipping through static meshes, etc., but it greatly improves your ability to move around when huge
      • your weapons stop colliding with the world (they’ll stick make the thwacking noise, but won’t bounce off), in order to make it a bit easier to hit minis
    • at 200% you become a “large giant”, which does nothing

    • you cannot flinch people who are 3.0 times larger than you

    • you cannot parry or be parried by someone who is 3.0 times larger or smaller than you

    • weapon damage and momentum (knockback/kick force) scales up with scale, but only by 1/2 the scaling amount. This is vs. the person you’re hitting, which ends up making no sense since your health is also scaling. It should be vs. your size relative to normal, not vs. the other person you’re hitting (or at least damage should be, momentum can be what it is right now).

    • if you land on a player who is 1/3 your size or less, they’re crushed instantly

    • new message informing you about how big the enemy you killed was and how that’ll affect your scale

    • FFA welcome message separated for clarity

    • new welcome message with the current scaling rules


    • enable for all game modes
    • VO pitch scaling (that doesn’t replicate)
    • FFA scoring: now based on the largest size you’ve reached
    • heal 5% of your current max health every time you kill a player
    • push player up a bit before scaling to avoid falling through the world (appears to be working well)
    • disable swimming (ruins, cistern, etc.)
    • friendly greeting message (that should be localized, but isn’t, because mod localization seems to be broken)
    • the ‘bubble’ (enemy-only collision cylinder) scales down in relative radius as you scale up, to the point where it’s uninvolved in collision altogether


  • This is the future of Chivalry.

  • This along with goat physics. We’ll surpass that petty Dota 2 crap in no time on the eSport market.

  • Need to be able to perform giant jumps. Also, squish ppl when landing on them.

  • I need to play this.

    Host a EU server.

  • EU server hosted by Knighthood is now up!

  • @elwebbaro:

    EU server hosted by Knighthood is now up!

    Gonna play as soon as I get home from the library !

    Inb4 biggest giant EU.

  • @dudeface:

    Need to be able to perform giant jumps. Also, squish ppl when landing on them.

    While the jump height doesn’t seem to increase, the maa dodge length and vanguard charge scale with your size. I got up to 600% as a vanguard and my charge brought me from the village center to across the river in Stones Hill.
    Also jumping when there are little people under you kills them. 737% was my highest jötnar height in a 32 player server, as a SoW Knight. At my tallest, I was just jumping up and down because I couldn’t see the players beneath me anymore, and I got loads of kills / teamkills alike.

  • Ah, cool.

    Also, need special giant-slayer maps for this.

  • @dudeface:

    Ah, cool.

    Also, need special giant-slayer maps for this.

    I like the way TB is being creative. Wouldn’t mind seeing their next game go in the same direction as Evolve.

    Giant slayer maps is cool and all but what bout a this ?

  • Oh god yes. But I dunno if we could pull off Captain Levi’s moves in 1st person.

  • Holy fuck this mod should’ve been your DLC, Torn Banner. 1000 times more fun and better than CDW.

  • I am pretty addicted to AOT myself. It was my first thought as well when playing this. Needs 3DMG.

  • Biggest giant EU

  • I think the biggest thing this mod needs is speed scaling. If everybody moved a speed relative to their size, killing giants would actually be a big feat. Right now, fighting against a bunch of small people is really hit or miss because they can spin circles around you.

  • @Pazu just stomp on them, that’s what I do.
    What I would like is when you hit F1 in TO that you keep your size that you had before,tried darkforest yesterday and got 19 kills 0 deaths the first part, then I couldn’t get through teh passage to the second objective so I had to respawn which made me puny :<

  • This mod is the best shit i’ve ever played so far. This can make chiv a big thing, als competitive wise.

  • @ameleke:

    This mod is the best shit i’ve ever played so far. This can make chiv a big thing, als competitive wise.

    I can just imagine kendo duels with giants.

  • holy shit, this mod is seriously fun. my best so far ~1300% and 85-4 score and just smash people with maul :D

  • Does the firepot scale with your size? It should.

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