The Honor Squad is Recruiting!

  • Name: The Honor Squad
    Location: North America
    Games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Chivalry, Medal of Honor, Clash of Clans and more…
    Platform: PC
    Formed: September 2010
    Requirements: Must be 13 years of age, located in United States or Canada, own a headset, use Steam


    The Honor Squad is an online multi-gaming PC clan based in North America. We’re dedicated to creating a fun, friendly environment that fosters long term membership and a family-like atmosphere. Our culture is casual and laid back, but we play both casually and competitively - we also have internal competitions. We have a set of core games, but members play a wide variety of games and this is encouraged. We focus on quality of members, not quantity. We put the highest price on character because we understand putting together a good group of people is the key to longevity and fun. We encourage friends and families to join together to help build our Honor Squad family. Our team has a simple, straight forward Code of Conduct based around our theme of Honor.

    • Move up in the ranks and gain honor
    • Decorate yourself with Medals and Awards
    • Improve your team gaming skills
    • Choose to be casual or competitive
    • No Drama, No Cheats, No Boosts, No Nonsense
    • Game Servers for featured games
    • TeamSpeak Server Team Communication
    • Interactive Website Discussions and Blogs
    • Family Oriented, friendly atmosphere
    • 3 years running, strong membership

    The Honor Squad Website:
    Join the Honor Squad:
    More Information about us:
    Resources, Code of Conduct:
    Contact us with questions:

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