• So since the devs are so keen to fix things, maybe the animators need something to do…

    I would still love to have the ability to press 1 and make the buckler disappear so I just have a javelin. Then animations for parry with javelin, different attacks etc.

    But failing that… can you at least give us a broadsword as a secondary, since javelineers are constantly in melee (with little health).

  • i disagree, having the buckler is the downside to having your ranged weapon out.

    You can switch to your secondary weapon without the shield if you want to parry… there has to be a downside to using javs.

    The buckler is just a pile of shit. I think though that the jav archer should stay buckler, and the knight buckler be changed to at least a heater if not the kite.

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