NA 5v5 TO Tournament

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    5v5 Team Objective Tournament Rules**


    • Format: Team Objective Round Robin
    • Servers: Tempest CTF/TO, Lg Duels (Unless otherwise agreed upon)
    • Friendly Fire: 100%
    • Third Person: Disabled
    • Modifications: Chiv+ (Now with live balance and mechanics, ready up system, option to hide customization, advanced spectator cam, additional spawn timer for team damage turned off)
    • Class Balance: 50% rule
    • Duel: 1v1 Duel for first side choice.
    • Map Selection: Predetermined.
    • Spectators: None
    • Winning Conditions: Objective progress/time
    • Time: March 8, 9, 15, 16 5pm EST-TBD. Schedule and bracket will be posted no more than an hour after the roster deadline on March 7th at 11:59 PM EST



    Looks like my google docs schedule failed me :( so I’m posting it here.

    All teams will need to show up to the specified server 10 minutes before their match starts in order to play on time. Matches may be played earlier if both team captains agree.

    Round 1- Darkforest
    Round 2- Hillside
    Round 3- Stoneshill
    SE R1- Battlegrounds
    Semifinals- Stoneshill
    Finals- Darkforest

    3/8 5 pm EST
    3h v FC 2 – Lg Duels AE v Alphabet – Tempest Server

    3/8 6:30 pm EST
    ia v kila – Lg Duels T 1 v T 2 – T server

    3/8 8 pm EST
    FC 1 v B – Lg Duels f v TBD – T server

    3/8 9:30 pm EST
    FC 2 v Alphabet – Lg Duels 3h v AE – T server

    3/8 11 pm EST
    T 1 v kila – Lg Duels T 2 v ia – T server

    3/9 5 pm EST
    f v B – Lg Duels FC 1 v TBD – T server

    3/9 6:30 pm EST
    3h v Alphabet – Lg Duels AE v FC 2 – T server

    3/9 8 pm EST
    T 1 v ia – Lg Duels kila v T 2 – T server

    3/9 9:30 pm EST
    f v FC 1 – Lg Duels B v TBD – T server

    Single Elimination Info

    Faucheur has elected to give up 1st seed in order to avoid having a bye game. The bracket for the single elimination is found here:

    This will begin 3/15 at 5 pm EST.

    The matches will be played at the specified times below:

    3/15 5 pm EST

    Match A- Lg Duels
    Match B- Tempest server

    3/15 6:30 pm EST

    Match C- T server
    Match D- Lg Duels

    3/15 8 pm EST

    Match E- T server

    3/16 5pm EST*

    Bronze match- T server

    3/16 6:30 pm EST*

    Finals- Lg duels

    All matches on 3/16 may be played one day early if both team captains agree and streamers/refs are available for the match.

    Complete Rules

    1. Registration

    • Registration will take place on the forums. Just post in this thread with your team name and captain.
    • If entering 1 team, your roster does not have to be posted. You may play anyone from your clan at any time. Clan roster will be determined by the clan’s Steam group. A maximum of 2 mercs are allowed as long as they aren’t from another team in the tournament. Mercs are also only allowed to merc for 1 team in the tournament.
    • If entering 2 or more teams, please post your starting roster of 5 players. Subs/mercs do not have to be posted. Subs/mercs can then be used for either team 1 or 2, but once they sub/merc for a team, they are stuck with that team.
    • The deadline to enter is March 5th at 11:59 PM EST. The only exception is if we have an odd or otherwise unorthodox number of teams necessary for a RR tournament. In that case I would allow more teams to enter up until the roster deadline. The deadline to make changes to your roster is March 7th at 11:59 PM EST. Until that time you may make any changes necessary by merely posting in the thread or editing your original post.

    2. Scheduling, Attendance, and Score Reporting

    • Each match will have at least one ref present. The ref will take a screenshot of each map’s final scoreboard and report it in the requisite thread.

    • If a team doesn’t show up within a 5 minute grace period of when the match is scheduled to begin, then that team will forfeit the match unless the other team is willing to wait. Because the tournament will be ran according to a schedule, the waiting team would be allowed to choose what server the delayed match would be played on. If the next round starts (and the waiting team is required to play) before this delayed match is finished, then the delaying team is automatically forfeited.

    • If a team is unable to field 5 legal players as specified above, then that team will be forfeited.

    • If both teams violate these conditions, then a double DQ will be issued in order to keep the tournament flowing.

    • Teams should expect to play 2 matches per day at least in the early rounds. Will know more when the schedule is able to be made after the entry deadline.

    • Round robin brackets with 2 teams from each group advancing. Seeds for the single elimination portion after the round robins will be determined by:

      1. Wins
      2. Head to head
      3. Seed going into the tournament
      4. Random

      I believe the site I used randomly pairs the single elim portion afterwards and I don’t want that.

    3. Server

    • Each match will be played on a provided server unless the following conditions are met:
    • Both parties mutually agree upon a different server
    • That server has enough room to allow for all combatants (including the alotted number of spectators) and tournament personel
    • The admin password for that server will be changed to a password specified by the ref for the duration of the match.
    • That server will have to have all settings specified by the rules in place.
    • A team may, at any point before or between maps, opt to change to a tournament provided server or, if also agreed upon by the other team, another server that satisfies all the conditions above.
    • A referee must verify that all game settings for that server are in keeping with the tournament’s game settings.

    4. Connection issues

    • If, once a match is called live, a team suffers connection issues, it will be up to the ref if the round should be reset.
    • If a member of either team is lagging or teleporting excessively the ref will require that the team use another sub. Any individual with a consistent ping of over 200 will be ejected as well. A consistent ping of 120 or above will be ejected by the ref.
    • If a member consistently lag spikes (3 or more times in one match), they will be ejected by the ref.

    5. Settings

    • Third person is disallowed
    • Friendly Fire will be set to 100%
    • The tournament will use Chiv+ (if available and convenient) which contains live balance and mechanics.

    6. Maps

    • All default maps for this game type are allowed with the exception of Citadel.
    • Which map will be played in each match will be predetermined.

    7. Class balance

    • A single class may comprise no more than 50% of one’s composition.
    • If a team violates this rule and does not immediately switch back before any engagements are made then this will result in two minutes being taken off the objective time. The ref will call this out in all-chat. If the team still does not comply the map will result in a disqualification of the offending team.
    • There will be no restrictions on weapons or loadouts.

    8. Spectators

    • No team will be allowed spectators. Only refs, streamers, casters, and players will be allowed in the server. It is up to the ref and the teams to make sure that there are no spectators. If a team is found to have an extra player in the server illegally, then that team will forfeit the match. Players joining the server expecting to sub in are of course permitted.

    9. Draws/Timeouts

    • Each team will be allowed 2 pauses of up to 5 minutes in order to sub players in or if there are any kind of technical difficulties. If it is found that these pauses are used for a different purpose, then 5 minutes will be taken off the offending teams final objective time.
    • Between live maps a team may request an intermission of up to five minutes except in the case of the opening duel. Failure to arrive back on time will result in the match continuing regardless of any other circumstances.
    • A team may not request an intermission before the opening duel.

    10. Duel

    • Each side will pick one duelist to duel on moor for first choice of side.
    • If any members of either team other than the duelists spawn and interrupt the duel, it will be considered a forfeit of the duel for that team.
    • If both sides have equal number of individuals other than the duelist spawned then they both must leave promptly. If one fails to do that, their team will forfeit the duel. If all parties other than the duelist leave, then the duel will resume as normal.
    • Only Melee weapons are to be used in the duel. Any projectiles (including smokepots) will result in a disqualification of the individual using that weapon.

    11. Format and Winning Conditions

    • Each team will play the predetermined map both ways. The team who completes the most objectives in the map wins.
    • If both teams complete all objectives, the team that completed them the fastest wins.
    • If the same amount of objectives are completed but one team gets decidedly further on one objective than the other team, the ref may call the map for that team. If the progress on that objective is too close to make a definitive call, the ref may rule that it is “Too close to call.” In this case, the team with the better time on the previous objective would be declared the winner.
    • If neither team completes the first objective OR the time with which each team completed the objectives that were completed is the same then a tiebreak will be played consisting of 1 LTS map, first to 7 rounds.
    • Teams in this tiebreak will have another duel as specified above. Winner of the duel will pick the LTS map. Loser picks side.

    12. Tournament Progression System

    • This tournament will be double elimination.
    • Seeds will be determined based on the standings in Height’s 6v6 All Melee TO tournament. Any team who didn’t place in this tournament, or whose standing was tied with another team entering, will be seeded randomly.

    13. Cheating

    • Any individual caught cheating/hacking will have their entire team expelled from the tournament.
    • Any individual caught map glitching or exploiting will be either penalized or warned based on their actions. Example: If someone discovers a glitch in a map and then immediately walks out of it they will most likely just be warned. If they stay in this area and exploit it then they will be ejected and their team will forfeit the map.
    • The following are a list of exploits that are not allowed (This list is far from exhaustive):

    -Purposeful Desync
    -Dodge attack during riposte
    -Infinite projectiles
    -Dodging out of flinch/recovery and attacking immediately with the intent of interrupting a swing when that normally wouldn’t be possible.

    • Map exploits

    -i.e. Maa’s, please make sure that your dodge and action key is not bound to the same key. This allows you to avoid oil while on the ram at Stoneshill.

    • Any team whose player is found exploiting will be warned or lose 5 minutes off of their final objective time for the first violation (based on severity) and an ejection with the next violation.

    14. Game breaking map glitches

    • In the event of a game breaking map glitch the match will be handled as follows:

    -On stoneshill, if the ram disappears as soon as it reaches the door, it will be up to the ref to declare the time that it reaches the door as well as a rough guess of where both teams’ players are. The match will then be restarted and the map will be able to continued once the ram is set to the door at the specified time. The ref will also make sure all players who were at the ram before the glitch, be at the ram on restart. All other players will have to be in spawn on restart.
    -On darkforest, if on 4th objective the doors are invisible for the attackers, they are advised to continue hitting the doors anyway. It will be the refs job to keep track of those door hits, and determine a ruling from there. Because this bug is quite rare but also much more complicated than the stoneshill bug, myself and the refs will possibly have to review game footage as well to determine a ruling.

    15. Disclaimer

    • It is the right of the tournament director to change any rules as they see fit until the start time of the tournament.

    If you have any questions, please go ahead and just post in this thread that way they can be answered for everyone. If you have any complaints just send me a message on steam and we can talk about it:

    Good luck to everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing a good turnout.

  • Hey Karasu, you should specify what Chiv+ configuration is required. For example, team damage spawn increase on or off?

    Also, I recommend turning the Ready Up feature on, and the Pause feature to “request/accept” mode (2) or “anyone pause/unpause” mode (3).

    It might also be wise to give tournament casters (camera operators) this information:

    Chiv+ contains a “camera sprint” mode while spectating. This allows a modified camera movement speed by pressing shift (so you can zoom to the action and viewers aren’t stuck watching empty map :D). This feature recently had an update which might cause your camera to simply stop when holding shift. To fix this type “SetCameraSprintMultiplier 3” in console. 3 can also be interchanged for any number (including between 0 and 1) to modify the “sprint” speed to your liking.

    Oh also, I’m gonna try to get first person spectating as fixed up as much as I can for this so we might be able to see some fights from a first person perspective with reasonable quality.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can’t wait to see this. I’ve run out of EU tournament videos to watch at work.

  • 15. **Disclaimer

    • It is the right of the tournament director to change any rules as they see fit at any time.

    What is the point of the rules then?

  • @NabsterHax:

    Oh also, I’m gonna try to get first person spectating as fixed up as much as I can for this so we might be able to see some fights from a first person perspective with reasonable quality.

    This would be awesome

  • Why are maps predetermined?

  • @OPxMike:

    Why are maps predetermined?

    Yeah, it’s always fun to have the kendo/duel determine side as well as map choice. Makes the kendo/duel more exciting and meaningful.

  • why 5v5
    6v6 feels waaay better

  • Imperial Army is in, unborn captain

  • Legion will hopefully be able to field a team, also

  • Nabs, good idea. I’ll go ahead and change that now. I originally thought all the neat comp features were enabled by default, so at some point I’ll send you a message about how to enable those.

    Flotch, that rule is just a recognition that the rules listed will not be perfect in every single situation. So, there may be a time where I have to change a rule (like when Height changed his merc rule in his all-melee tournament) in order to make sure things are fair for everyone. You’ll find that most lists of rules or terms and conditions have this clause at the end of them.

    Mike, maps are predetermined to stay consistent with previous TO tournaments. I like kendo as well (maybe I’ll host a little kendo tournament somewhere down the line) but I want to make sure every map gets played. Basically, I want to make sure that the winner of the tournament has their TO skills tested on every map. Otherwise this places a lot of weight on dueling skill in a kendo and we may very well see Faucheur cruising to the final getting to play on stoneshill and darkforest every match ;)

    Kwazi, I wanted to host a 5v5 for a few reasons. I really like the style of EU comp play. They mostly do 5v5 and it places an emphasis less on swinging wildly and more on precision (not that this would change much if it was a 6v6) very much unlike an 8v8. The difference between a 5v5 and a 6v6 is that a 5v5 places less emphasis on class composition and constantly having to counter the opponent in some kind of never-ending rock paper scissors game. It also makes it so you can only have 2 of each class. If a team has only really strong knights for example, then they will have to rely on their other classes and more variety to win. There’s also a few newer clans who are confident they can make a 5v5 tourney but not necessarily a 6v6. And we haven’t had a 5v5 TO in quite some time. So I’m looking forward to this.

  • You can do a 6v6 with 49% rule to prevent things like 3 knights.

    Other than that: Karasu, EU fanboy number 1.

  • @NabsterHax:

    You can do a 6v6 with 49% rule to prevent things like 3 knights.

    Other than that: Karasu, EU fanboy number 1.

    Oh right true dat. I’m not worried about 3 knights in particular, that was just an example. I want a lot of newer clans to enter and maybe even some merc groups. But yes I do really enjoy watching EU scrims and tourneys :)

  • Added this under section 2: “Teams should expect to play 2 matches per day at least in the early rounds. Will know more when the schedule is able to be made after the entry deadline.”

  • @NabsterHax:

    You can do a 6v6 with 49% rule to prevent things like 3 knights.

    Other than that: Karasu, EU fanboy number 1.

    Nabster just loves 6v6 due to Djhanze and 27 :wink-new:

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Nabster just loves 6v6 due to Djhanze and 27 :wink-new:

    It’s so I can be completely useless and it not matter as much.

  • Because I’m such a yurop fanboy, I’d like to take this time to ask if anyone from EU would like to stream the tourney? It would be greatly appreciated! (Those in NA can let me know as well but I can just message them from my friends list)

  • @Karasu:

    Because I’m such a yurop fanboy, I’d like to take this time to ask if anyone from EU would like to stream the tourney? It would be greatly appreciated! (Those in NA can let me know as well but I can just message them from my friends list)

    I can’t actually stream because my internet is too bad, but I think it would be fun to give casting/commenting a go, so I’m up for that if anyone needs a co-caster.

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