The "steel buckler" a parry shield?

  • CRUSHED “I think the buckler should be changed into a small steel buckler, that you cant hold but RMB and works like normal parrys”

    Since this idea of a new type of buckler was thought of by CRUSHED and overall a great idea by him I felt like an idea this good deserved its own thread for general thoughts and interest expressed by people that might want to see this as something in game.

    The buckler we have in game currently isn’t a real buckler its a wooden shield. Again this was pointed out by CRUSHED. The “steel buckler” he is referring to is a small metal shield that fits over your fist mostly seen used by duelist to gain a riposte.

    The idea of this shield is rather than holding rmb to hold up your shield and be able to block indefinitely this buckler would work just like a parry as if you were wielding a weapon without a shield in your other hand a “tap to block” type shield.

    Since I don’t see the current buckler or “wood shield” being reskind and replaced by this new buckler and I don’t think it should the current buckler should exist as its own separate shield. The “steel buckler” could instead be added to the shield category as a selection option for use in game just like the heater shield is.

    This does raise questions of “what advantages/disadvantages do you get from selecting it?”

    So far my knowledge of bucklers is limited to the ones used in dark souls. But since they were used by duelist as a way to gain a riposte (I could be wrong) couldn’t it be used to gain a faster riposte? This could be a good idea but weapons like the broadsword and Norse sword already have a relatively fast riposte.

    The one big downside I could see from using this is that you couldn’t equip oil pots throwing knifes/axes and it cant be used as passive protection from archers or throwables at all.

    What about using it with the bastard swords? At some point in the game we’ve all tried to see what it was like to use the longsword in one hand with no shield… and you might of felt like you were gimping your self to an extreme. Maybe this “steel buckler” could make the 1h sword knight more of a possibility.

    well that’s my 2 cents Id love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this new concept for a shield. Be sure to credit CRUSHED with the idea though.

    p.s. Evil Minion if you could post the picture or link of the steel buckler like you did in the flail buff thread that’d be appreciated… since I don’t know how to.

  • I think the only reason why torn banner called the current buckler the buckler is because it sounds better than small round shield.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to keep the current Buckler (or small round shield because a buckler requires not so much small size but a shield boss). But the steel buckler could be an additional choice - either purely cosmetic to give the flails and/or javelins some kind of parry with all the advantages and disadvantages of parrying (the “shieldless” setup for those weapons) - in this case they should probably come with a throwable option.

    Or make it an additional shield choice that improves the wielders melee prowess in exchange for neither a ranged attack nor protection against ranged attacks. Possible advantages could be:

    • faster riposting
    • decoupling of attack and defense (you can parry regardless of attack phase)
    • a fast bash special attack similar to the buckler strike (alt stab?)
    • decreased stamina cost on parry

    Picture here.

  • Well it could protect against ranged attacks. As its a seperate hitbox from the normal block box. Just make it match the model.

  • It would be really cool to have this

    As special bonus we could have less stamina drain from parries

  • Yes im all in favor of keeping the current buckler we have like I said in my first post (or attempted to) it still serves a purpose. Its the smallest and lightest of the shields able to raise and lower quickly right now the buckler just needs a few fixs don’t lie we’ve all cursed the bucklers name because well felt like it just plain didn’t work. If the parry shield got in game all this would need is a simple name change. “wooden shield” might be the one that could fit it the best.

  • And then give it to the flail.

  • I would also love this as an option on the knight, instead of throwing axe, for decreased parry stamina drain :3

  • This is a buckler:

    What’s in the game is a small round shield

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