Testing Multiplayer On One Machine

  • Hi, I’m having an annoying issue.

    I am trying to test some multiplayer functionality of Chiv+ and the most convenient way to do this is to run a server and two clients one my one machine. This worked fine in beta, I could connect both clients and test everything fine.

    Now, when I try to connect the second client, the first is disconnected immediately. I’m assuming this is either some kind of DRM to stop the same account playing multiple games, or the game assumes my first client has actually disconnected or whatever.

    Whatever it is, it makes it impossible for me to test alone which I’m sure you understand is a major inconvenience. I tried running the game/server with -sdkcontent and without steam but could either not connect at all or only one client could connect.

    Is there some way I can make this happen now? It’s kinda vital to my speed, and more importantly, sanity.

  • Developer

    UDKEngine.ini (or DefaultEngine.ini or PCServer-UDKEngine.ini):



    flip to



    Should be all you have to do. Start a non-Steam server, and you can join it with as many non-Steam clients from the same machine as you want. Naturally, stats, server browser, and some other things won’t work.

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