BETA - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 21 (Release Candidate)

  • Developer

    Any help testing will be appreciated.

    RC changes

    • Fixed new flail crouch animations
    • Polished new flail run animations
    • Reduced MAA dodge stamina from 25 (Beta 1) to 20 (vs. the pre-patch cost of 15)
    • Fix map vote hijacking ( )
    • We’ve reverted the change reducing the bubble size that was in earlier beta versions of this patch; we don’t want to set live a half-finished change to a mechanic that fundamentally alters the game like this, so we’re going to beta test this a bit more.

    Beta 4 changes

    • Revamped flail’s animations
    • Switched flail’s shield to the Heater
    • Updated SDK assets and AOCTO-SDK_Asset_Showcase map
    • Added sockets to gore meshes (for the sake of mods that might want to make gore meshes playable)
    • Added script-driven pawn movement (for the sake of mods); set an AOCPawn to PHYS_Custom and event PerformCustomPhysics will fire every tick instead of having native code process movement
    • Allow on-the-fly AOCPawn model switching without breaking the anim tree (mods may want to use this; we’ll be setting up Kismet nodes for maps to use this later)

    Beta 3 changes

    • Fixed various collision bugs reported on the official forums.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing players to access the area by the cow.
    • Increase feint time (time between starting a feint and returning to idle) to 0.5s for combo feints for all weapons (from the default feint time, which varies by weapon from 0.2s to 0.4s)
    • NVIDIA Surround: fix issue where GUI breaks when in “surround” but in a non-surround resolution; add additional logging for debugging
    • Eyefinity: including missing DLLs
    • Add console commands to get the server’s map rotation, available SDK maps, and mod name (GetServerSdkMaps, GetServerRotation, GetServerMod)

    Beta 2 changes

    • Add AOCTO-SDK_Asset_Showcase map which shows off several new SDK assets
    • Improved physics asset for flail
    • Fixed flail animations (issue introduced in Beta 1)
    • Fixed everyone using MAA’s voice (issue introduced in Beta 1)
    • Fixed bell audio in Tavern
    • Fixed outhouse sounds not activating
    • Fixed SDK Castle Builder’s arch’s trim


    • Reduced radius of the “bubble” (enemy-collision-only collision cylinder) by 60%
    • Slowed down bearded axe overhead
    • Reduce 2H flinch time to 0.8
    • Maa Dodge stamina cost increased from 15 to 25

    SDK content additions

    • New example maps:

      • Strip the player of weapons and place pickupable weapons in LTS-Gladiator
      • add Ticket-based spawning system to any map with AOCTO-Ticket-based
    • New materials and example material setups for SDK users

      • stone and masonry master material:

        • master material is in UDKGame\CookedPC\AOC\Environments\Material\CHVMaterialPack.upk
        • example scene is in UDKGame\ContentSDK\ExampleMaps\AOCFFA-1-MaterialExamples.udk
    • New assets for SDK users

      • Rocks and foliage from DW

    SDK changes

    • Let mods override gamemode in the server browser
    • Automatically add SDK persistent maps to maplist (unless bDontAddSdkMapsToMapList is true, in PCServer-UDKGame.ini under [AOC.AOCGame])
    • Even if SDK maps aren’t in the maplist, as long as they’re verified as valid allow changing to them
    • NB: Use the ‘server’ commandlet on client files to host SDK test servers: it doesn’t do map verification and whatnot, and will work with files that aren’t uploaded. Use the dedicated server tool to host public servers

  • Reduced the bubble collision by 60%
    Slowed down bearded axe overhead
    Reduce 2H flinch time to 0.8, Increase combofeint time from 0.4 to 0.5

    I came.


  • Someone hold my loins.

    Edit: You can only dodge four times now as an MaA, was that intended? Also, the Agatha archer voice was replaced by the Agatha MaA voice in the beta, I assume that was an accident and that you wouldn’t get rid of the most beautiful voice to ever grace our ears.

    Edit 2: It was intentional. PLEASE FIX THE AGATHA ARCHER VOICE

  • Oh lawd, sweet baby Jesus.

  • Epic changes :D

  • Great. Now make Greatsword OH slower (and the stab maybe quicker).

  • does someone know the server ip? i dont see servers.

  • MAA dodge now takes 25 stamina as well. Am I wrong?

  • Developer


    does someone know the server ip? i dont see servers.

    Whoops. They’re up now.

  • Developer


    MAA dodge now takes 25 stamina as well. Am I wrong?

    Updated list with that change as we missed it.

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    Any help testing will be appreciated.

    • Reduced the bubble collision by 60%

    Oh my freaking god yes!

  • Holy shieeet!

    TBS is on fire, great job!!
    ~much love

  • I could almost cry with the amount of happiness this patch will bring.

  • These changes look delicious.

  • I broke my hand a few weeks ago and can’t properly play this game… and I’m SO JEALOUS NOW.

    Do you guys have an estimation on live launch time? My hand should be healed in like 2 weeks… I can make it go faster though! I’ll find a way.

  • Great new bug though, everyone is having MAA voices. It is a curse i tell you :P

  • Now everyone can have my snidely laugh

    Like the changes!

  • @Vesanus:

    Great new bug though, everyone is having MAA voices. It is a curse i tell you :P

    The more people comparing virginity to cheese, the better.

  • Good patch overall, you’re defenitely going in the good direction tbs, i personaly don’t think nerfing maa stamina is a good choice but will see, of course the stamina of other class is to low for catching them, but then raising the overall stamina for allow more cftp was a better choice, the longer the fight is, the less luck is involved imo and you can’t have long fight at the moment, even knigth vs knight, good luck for the rest anyway.

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