BETA - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 22

  • Developer

    We’re testing changes to the camera viewpoint and the Bubble. These have major gameplay significance, feedback will be appreciated.

    To improve visibility/awareness in general, we’ve pushed the player’s camera back a bit. This has also allowed us to reduce the size of the ‘bubble’ (i.e. the second, enemy-only collision cylinder).

    Because the camera viewpoint has been pushed back, we’ve had to change every single first person weapon animation to compensate. The animations are a work-in-progress, so you’re going to get to see some wonky things as we iron them out. We really appreciate helpful and specific feedback on these tweaks since we are trying to keep the actual swings as close to their original state as possible. However, in the end the animations will inevitably be slightly different. Third person animations remain the same so far, which means that tracers remain the same.

    If you’re playing at a higher FOV, note that as a result of this change you may feel more comfortable decreasing it; we’re recommending you try it with 105° if you’re used to 120°. Definitely experiment and see if you can get to a comfortable place though. 105° is also now the default FOV for new players.

    RC4 Changes

    • (Much earlier beta change we neglected to mention: ) When transitioning to a custom map, server will check if map is out-of-date; if so, it updates it. This is new functionality that may not be fool-proof yet
    • Going with that change, servers automatically transition when sitting on an SDK map with no players for several minutes to stop them from getting left on an out-of-date map

    RC3 Changes

    • New Loading Screen

    • UDK.exe / CMW.exe no longer has editor functionality / no longer has a .NET requirement

      • UDKEditor.exe still has editor functionality / still has a .NET 4.5 requirement

    RC2 Changes

    • Minor update on 1hsharp1p slash02
    • Polish 1p longsword, double axe and flail animations

    RC Changes

    • Improved release to parry blend animation.
    • Updated double axe 1p and 3p animations
    • Updated 1p dagger daze
    • Editor splash updated

    Beta 6 Changes

    ****The Majority of these changes are polishes to animation and visuals to prepare for the DLC Knight Release!! We still appreciate constructive feedback.

    Animation Changes

    • First Person animation polish for pole-weapons, 2-handed swords, Heater Shield
    • Fixed Bo Staff overhead animation showing incorrectly as underhand in first person
    • Flail 3rd-person combo animation updated
    • General animation polish across the board

    General Fixes

    • Knight DLC can be purchased for free in the BETA branch in preparation for live launch.
    • Knight DLC can now equip default and previously purchased knight helms
    • Fixed gore mesh for DLC Knights (untextured gore)
    • Default knights (Mason and Vanguard) can now properly wear DLC knight helmets

    Beta 5 Changes

    ****Constructive Feedback is Requested!!

    Animation Changes

    • All First-Person animations have been updated to fit the new camera position

    • All weapon animation have been updated

      • On all classes

    General Fixes

    • Fixed autobalance bugs.

      • Don’t allow a player to switch teams when balanced.
      • Fixed bug where player shows up in the wrong scoreboard.
      • Don’t show enemy markers of spectators.
      • Fixed LTS scoreboard showing the correct number of players alive.
      • Fixed a bug where you can’t spawn if you were a spectator before a map change.
      • Fixed ranged crosshair being stuck red after death.
      • Fixed new knight first-person armor to match third-person
    • Fixed Agathian archers saying “I’m in your debt” in place of the you’re welcome command

    • Fixed floating sticky projectiles after head explosion.

    • Fixed team damage message.

    • Default server tick rate set to 60Hz

    • darkened armor and fixed upper arm guards

    • Added helms to default knights and made the mason helm fit better on the default mason knight

    • Fixed various map bugs from this thread:

    • Stair Collision Fix for Tavern

    • Localization change to put numbers in front of emblems for easier browsing

    • Workaround for material crash in legacy maps

    Beginner Mode Map Changes


    • Agatha

      • Expanded press E to use on the Ballista.
      • Added indication as to what to shoot. (Health Bar)
      • Fresnel shader on locks added
      • Sparks appear on every hit
      • 3 Clusters of peasants (all slaves must be set free)
      • Markers are removed once slaves are freed
      • Health bar appear for door
    • Mason

      • 3 clusters of slaves make for easier defence strategies
      • Progress bar for slaves
      • Health bar for door


    • Both Factions

      • Hud markers are located closer to burn targets

    Dark Forest

    • Agatha

      • Progress Bar and Destroy Marker for Doors
      • Switches to Kill Markers after doors have been destroyed
      • More Consistent Damage States


    • Agatha

      • Indication to burn buildings on torches (volumes)

    Beta 4 Changes

    Combat Changes

    • Updated longsword and 1-handed animation based on feedback

      • slash02 attack for long sword, alt+slash for 1-handed
    • Fixed longsword tracer for DLC knights on both faction

      • 1handed stab 1st-person tracer
      • fixed alt slash021 tracer not lined up for 2-handed longsword
    • Updated flail over head 1st-person tracer

    General Changes

    • Chivalry splash screen has been updated with new logo and ‘editor’ text
    • Fixed ragdoll fire screaming getting stuck on death
    • Disabling barbs for the time being
    • Doubleaxe lod geometry hole fixed
    • Console damage is toggleable, has a new mode that is less verbose (old mode still available)
    • Fixed dying sound mode getting stuck; removed unnecessary client/server communication for heartbeat and dying sound mode
    • Lighting on pawns in the customization screen tweaked
    • Emblem/trim “dark grey” made blacker

    Beta 3 Changes


    • New dynamic crosshair default (Swing and combo indication)

      • Users can switch to the original style through the keybindings option
    • Default FOV changed from 95 to 105

    • Added Purchasable New Agatha / Mason Knight class models

    • New Purchasable Barbarian character models for both Agatha and Mason Factions

    • Added a new level 60 helmet

    • On death, print damage taken/dealt during life to console


    • Crosshairs appear white for allies and red for enemies
    • Updated first person longsword, two-handed axe, dagger, buckler animations to better fit the new camera position
    • Dark Forest: Ammo box cooldown time in LTS game mode changed from 5 to 20
    • Flail is no longer missing sound
    • Launcher: auto-close prompt dialog when downloading done
    • Reduced maximum recovery time to 0.9
    • Take hit indicator points toward attacking player, rather than toward point of impact

    SDK Changes/Additions

    • Added Giant stomp crushing sound

    • Perfect enemy knowledge property + node for AI

    • Added missing sockets to gore mesh.

    • Added customization overriding into AISpawnNPC / AISpawnStandardBot

    • semi-fix the overrides in AISpawnNPC

    • Example maps for SDK people

      • ExampleMaps/HelmetScene.udk
      • ExampleMaps/WeaponScene.udk

    Beta 2 Changes

    • Fix server browser


    • Bubble reduced by 60%
    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat
    • More flail animation polish

  • Camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat

    Interesting… makes me wonder what exactly this means? Will it help with animations? As you are probably aware TB… the animations is one of the areas most of us feel could be improved. Especially on the Vanguard class… It’s very hard to visually see the attacks/drags. Hopefully this helps!!

    P.s. I am so proud of what you guys have done over the past few weeks… everyone really appreciates the dedication. I am confident that it will inject new found energy for people. It’s much easier to embrace a game when you know the development team listens and is on a quest to improve / build on it.

  • What happened with Torn Banner, new patch every day.

  • isn’t this awesome?? Makes me so excited about the game… hopefully this new found energy will result in a growth of the competitive scene.

    /discuss what the developers can do to help grow the competitive scene.

  • Jesus, that output is great TB.

    Could you explain the camera adjustment? Does it affect 1st or 3rd person, or both?

  • Developer

    We are looking for your feedback on the camera adjustment and don’t want to sway that with our input on the details just yet. Please let us know what you think after testing.

  • Haha, sneaky.

  • Who are you and what did you do with the real Torn Banner Studios?

  • I’m interested. Was there actually a real problem with the first person camera?

  • TB why don’t you fix 4s cooldown amnoboxes on aoclts-darkforest

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    TB why don’t you fix 4s cooldown amnoboxes on aoclts-darkforest

    What??? Why?!?!? Nothing is more fun than spamming firepots from that hill.

    Please ignore Rumpel. He’s just a whiner ;)

  • Awesome patches!

    Flail still needs more love. It now works a lot better than before but it still feels like “shit”. I have played 5-6 TO rounds with it and I think a little range increase would be a good thing, just a tiny bit though.

    BTW. You can’t hear footsteps while holding it.

  • OMG GUYS ITS ALL A RRRUUUSSSSEE. YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS. I think that TBS didn’t do anything to the camera… they just want us to think that so we will try and find out what it is and then we’ll make up a bunch of things that aren’t true about what “changed” with the camera by some sort of placebo. Then they will know not to trust us because they’ll think we don’t know this game as much as we do. DON’T FALL FOR IT! IT’S ALL A RUSE WITH LIES AND DECEIT!

    On a serious note, I also think that the MaA dodge should cost 26 stamina because it should force MaA to choose carefully between parry and dodge. I think this is how dodge should be used because dodging is literally superior to parrying in every way possible. Want me to compare it?

    -Gives you the control of the fight upon a successful parry
    -Possesses the ability to riposte but you can’t feint ripostes

    -Gives you the control of the fight when used successfully
    -Can be used for positioning in team engagements or 1vX scenarios
    -Almost always costs less stamina that parrying
    -Grants imunity to conventional means of bypassing your defenses(drags or feints) 5 entire times

    Shouldn’t a defensive maneuver that is nearly 100% superior to another defensive maneuver be much more costly than it? It only makes sense, does it not?

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat.

    This is intriguing. I have always complained about 1st person view that it’s weird and nearly sickening to play in sometimes. All ya all give third person so much flak, but in reality you fail to realize how messed up the 1st person camera is.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    TB why don’t you fix 4s cooldown amnoboxes on aoclts-darkforest

    First time it has been reported is why. (As far as I can see.)

  • @gref:

    This is intriguing. I have always complained about 1st person view that it’s weird and nearly sickening to play in sometimes. All ya all give third person so much flak, but in reality you fail to realize how messed up the 1st person camera is.

    The concept of 3rd person is fine, but in competitive play in a game where you can choose between either 1st person or 3rd person, 3rd person is unfair because it drastically reduces the importance of having situational awareness in a group situation.

  • Note the edit. Fixed internally now.

  • @gref:

    This is intriguing. I have always complained about 1st person view that it’s weird and nearly sickening to play in sometimes. All ya all give third person so much flak, but in reality you fail to realize how messed up the 1st person camera is.

    maybe you need to adjust your fov… my 1st person camera looks fine.

  • torn banner, you guys are doing a great job, ya gotta release more stuff for moneys, because i want to give you guys some more of mine.

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