Quick kismet question

  • how to put a helmet on a bot? during spawn or after don’t mind.

    I’ve tried using MyMeshAttachements and attaching it to HelmetPoint socket doesn’t seem to work

    and i don’t mean AOCNPC_Crowd - I can change their helmets :-)


  • bump


    also i want to change the shield customisation on an NPC. what should i change - i spent ages messing about with the shield mesh settings and various derivatives but nothing seems to work. I need something i can modify propert or assign material to - help please


  • I don’t believe customization can be controlled through Kismet at all presently. I will double check with a Programmer and link them to this thread.

    Through the map contest, we will be only be answering threads directly, but I would like to add your other issue to this thread, so that an animator can see it:

    I cant import skeletal meshes for some reason - the one on the site….


    won’t import - says import failed though the udk log screen - view-browserwindows-log report that FBX loaded successfully.

    Can’t import the ones I export from Maya so I tried the one posted about - so something funny is happening as I guess those are the official ones and should be importable? any ideas?

    Could you post a screenshot of your export settings along with what you are trying to export. Alternatively, you could send one of us the file.

  • Thanks Andrew - i will IM you a pack of stuff about skeletal mesh imports, post the result here if we get to a solution

    As for the customization, if there is some way to expose the relevant class variables so that helmet and shield skeletal meshes can be set / overridden for AOCPawns. Classes don’t seem to be accessible through kismet modifyproperty or setMesh actions, unless the coder has specifically exposed a variable at the object level…. if that makes any sense.

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