Archer - Less HP, Is it a bug or a change?

  • Hi, I was playing last days with archer, and this is not normal, I have less hp than before, With one overhead of almost-all swords I have very very LOW HP, near to die.

    I need a answer because i think that’s not normal because I die easily from 2 stabs and I need 5-6 hits of a dagger to kill a Knight, for me this is not just…

    Thank you and Sorry for my bad english.


  • Developer

    The archer’s health hasn’t changed recently, and weapon damage values haven’t been largely changed either.

    The archer has less armor than any other class. It’s always been this way. The archer is the only ranged class and is intended to be support; you shouldn’t be capable of going toe-to-toe in melee with the other classes (assuming equal skill). If you could, that would make the other classes redundant since all they can do is melee.


    Damage values are multiplied by the resistances to get the actual damage dealt, so small resistance numbers are better. As you can see, archer lets through 100% of swing, 90%, and 80% of blunt damage, while knight is 40%/50%/61%

    DamageResistances(EDMG_Swing) = 1.00
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Pierce) = 0.9
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Blunt) = 0.8

    DamageResistances(EDMG_Swing) = 0.85
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Pierce) = 0.85
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Blunt) = 0.75

    DamageResistances(EDMG_Swing) = 0.6
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Pierce) = 0.8
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Blunt) = 0.7

    DamageResistances(EDMG_Swing) = 0.4
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Pierce) = 0.5
    DamageResistances(EDMG_Blunt) = 0.61

  • Developer

    In any event, this is an item for the other forums since it’s a balance question, not a tech support question. Locking the thread.

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