Getting trolled and banned?

  • Nice surprise today, I join the West Coast FFA server, in which for some reason everyone seemed to be mostly interested in ganging up me on, which is fine.
    then they started with the name calling, which is fine.
    then they kick/ban me for no reason, which is awesome… :D

    I did nothing but try to play, all this took less then five minutes.
    I did or said nothing to instigate the person who initiated the kick/ban, the illustrious “FAG BALLS” (that’s his steam name, sorry).

    So my question is:
    Huh? :D

    I just hope you guys can do something against obvious trolls, at least take away their ability to kick/ban people?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • FAG BALLS is a known troll and doesn’t play well with others from my experience.
    Today in fact i played with him 3 times and 1 game was a 1v1 only game and we kept telling him but he was ganking up while in duels and would start killing us for no reason, in team games he is a trash talker too, Turns out he is only 13…unless he lied, but it is really stupid the way he acts, we tried kicking him and right before the vote ended everytime he would leave and rejoin, a few others do this a lot i noticed…Late last night me and a buddy were in West Coast classic beta ( we’re east coast, but nobody was in the east coast servers, so higher pings for us ).

    We had 3 trolls that kept trash talking and trying to get me mad and would not let up and tons of team killing went on, they tried kicking me cause i was fighting back when they started it, but the vote failed and i laughed lol.

  • It’s only going to get worse when the game is released. Hold on to your butts… /Sam Jackson.

  • Ugh, tell me about it.

    Just a while ago, I was playing on a LTS server with my brother. Everything was going fine until we started playing on the arena map. K413N (aka. JackBaldy, according to Steam) found a nice little glitch with the a wall at the back gate of the Mason spawn. He can somehow go through it, making it impossible to get him since he is out of the map. I took a screenshot, but when I pasted it on paint, it was all black… there goes my evidence, but I can try to replicate and everyone on the server knows he did it. I typed in chat if we can kick him already, and a vote window came up soon after and people almost immediately started voting. We realized too late that the person selected by that kick window…was me.

    I wonder if there’s going to be a “Report Player” section when the game comes out. Just like in the old AoC forums.


    Message me on Steam if someone is seriously trolling/griefing in a server and avoiding kick votes/people aren’t voting and I’ll take care of it.

  • I’ll definitely keep that in mind the next time I see him exploiting, SlyGoat.


  • Something about melee that brings out the worst in people…

  • This recently happened to me, too. Some guy was playing the game in fisticuffs, and he was kicked from FFA West. And then when I defended him, I was also kicked >.<

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