Dropping frames or packets? TPing/lagging/glitching every game, video included.

  • Alright so this has been going on for quite a while, I’ve dealt with it intermittently for over 500 hours of play and am hoping someone can help me.

    Basically right when I join a server less than 30 seconds into the game it starts skipping me around the map. I know it’s not over heating because I monitor all my temps with several different tools and nothing ever gets above 60c. I also don’t have anything overclocked and have a lot of fans and keep the case in a well ventilated area and clean it regularly.

    My ping is always good, less than 60. My FPS in stat fps and using Fraps always shows a solid 59/60.

    I’ve tried buying a new graphics card, reinstalling the game on one ssd my OS (Win 8.1) is on and also on another internal 7200 hdd, issue persists. I’ve looked up .ini changes online and tried a wide array of those. I’ve switched modems and internet services several times each, as well as test my network speeds with speedtest.net and pingtest.net and they always show quick speeds with no packet loss or jitter (20mbps d/l, 4mbps u/l, 20-30ping).

    The video example is here:


    My configuration is:

    i7-3770k with no overclocking (3.5ghz)
    EVGA GTX 760 no overclocking either
    Asus 24" 1ms 1080p brand new monitor using included DVI to HDMI cable(had an old Acer before, same thing)
    16gb 1600 DDR3 ram
    240gb Intel SSD
    750w power supply

    Any other questions please ask.

    I’ve also tried tweaking my video settings but it makes no difference. I’m at a loss for how to narrow down if it’s graphics or network. Usually people I’m playing with tell me I’m not teleporting on their screen, which makes me think it’s graphics but I’ve tried my old gtx 480 and two different gtx 760s and they all have the same issues. I’ve tried going into the nvidia control panel and setting the gpu as my primary, as well as messed with all the pre-set quality tweaks in the control panel.

    Any suggestions on how I can narrow down the cause would be appreciated.

  • It doesn’t look graphics related. In the video you’re running slick as glass with the same kind of skipping I see when I have high ping. Graphics related problems usually give you more consistent choppy-like symptoms or artifacting (oddly shaped and “stretching” textures) if it’s a heat or power issue.

    I know you said your ping is always good, but about a year or so ago I kept having these long (10-20 second) lag spikes and my ping was always consistently low (bout 60). I never had latency issues with any other game and I knew my hardware exceeded Chivalry’s demands, so it was obviously something wrong with the game. Unfortunately my solution was to wait, but seeing as you’ve been dealing with it for so long that may not work for you.

    Have you tried several different official and non official servers?

    I’m assuming you aren’t having the same issue with other online games?

    What background applications do you have running while playing Chivalry? Try closing everything except vital system processes and see if it makes any difference. If it does, you can start adding one process at a time to isolate the culprit.

  • Thanks for the reply, I think you’re right about the ping thing. When I play BF4 it seems a little laggy/glitchy here and there but honestly I don’t really play much else online to know for sure.

    The ping always shows as good, but I let cmd run pings to google.com last night when I was playing and when the screen jumped I would alt+tab out and cmd would show one crazy high ping right when I skipped.

    I called my ISP (Comcast business) and they sent a tech out and confirmed I’m randomly getting super high latency, but they haven’t been able to figure out why yet. Their “T2” guys are supposed to call me today and see if they can get it fixed, I’ll report back once I see if that’s what does it or not.

  • Hold down WinKey + R and in the little box that pops up type “cmd” no quotes. A black command prompt should appear on your screen. In this command prompt type, “pathping www.google.com” no quotes. Let it run for however long it needs to run. Make sure you stretch the command prompt vertically.

    Once you’re finished, press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard. It should be to the left of the f12 key. Once you pressed the button, open up Pain and place your cursor in the canvas. Press Ctrl + V and a picture of your entire desktop –-

    Nevermind, I just now bothered to read your second post. There’s nothing we can do that would be of any help if you’ve already got Comcast coming out.

  • @TheSavageSlayer:

    The ping always shows as good, but I let cmd run pings to google.com last night when I was playing and when the screen jumped I would alt+tab out and cmd would show one crazy high ping right when I skipped.

    Now that’s using your noggin :)

    At least we’ve isolated the issue to your ISP. Personally, I’ve had the smoothest internet experience with Uverse, but that can vary depending on your location. I’m only on 12/1.5, but I virtually never have connectivity issues. Not trying to plug anything, just honest feedback ;)

    Glad you’re making some progress and good luck!

  • So Comcast calls me today and say it magically fixed itself. I was a bit upset since it likes to come back randomly but ping tests are showing solid connection now and the game seems to be working better, guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

    I always thought it might be graphics or software since my ping was always good but yeah looking at a constant test it was skipping and they seemed to have done something on their back end to fix it.

    If anyone else is seeing this check for ping spikes and packet loss by using the cmd ping google.com -t thing and tracert google.com, then yell at your ISP for not doing their damn jobs lol.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Better than my ISP.

    My ISP decided that Australia was a further 5000 kilometres west of where it should be so the ping shot up and stayed there for about a week. They said it wasn’t their fault. Turns out it was. And the guy dealing with the issue is horrible as a community person. He made promises he couldn’t keep, argued with consumers and he isn’t english first language. So his poor English skills combined with jargon meant no one understood him.

    Couldn’t do anything for a week.

  • I may have spoken too soon. I was playing last night running pings to google.com at around 20ms the whole time, but I was seeing a ton of ghost swings (My weapon would go right through but not hurt them.)

    It could have been the 2nd maa axe, seems to be a piece of junk but I’ll test some more and try to record some so we can see it happening and hopefully fix it. Makes the game very hard to take seriously when the weapons don’t hurt people or interrupt their counter attack half the time you swing through them.

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