• I don’t really know what exactly is going on but this I know : while I was playing Chivalry it suddenly freezed with an irritating sound going on(going like gdrrrrrr).There was nothing I could do afterwards,my pc was crashed and all I could do was push the restart button.After that my pc shows a black screen and a clocking sound like a warning or something comes out of it…I had to turn off the power cause there was no other way to turn off my pc.I tried to use my pc again turning power on but still it wouldn’t work and the clocking sound was there maybe warning me that my pc might freakin melt!!!After 5 hours my pc would work again but the next day the exact same thing happened when I was playing Chivalry.

    I don’t know if it’s the game or steam,a virus(I didn’t have any clue though for that) or anything but I would appreciate any help please!!!

    *And don’t start with the pc specs thing and stuff cause I don’t see how it could help by the time I play Chivalry since release to the fullest settings without problems!!!

  • If you are getting beeping noises and the system is not POSTing (Power On, Self Test: the black screen with text on it you see first) then you are having a problem with a piece of hardware. It could be faulty RAM or GPU, or overheating CPU or GPU.

    You should probably try cleaning your components of dust. Take your graphics card out, blow the dust out (cans of compressed air should always be on hand), take out your RAM and if you have more than one stick try only 1 at a time (swap them out). I don’t recommend taking your CPU out unless you have new thermal paste on hand, but check to see if the heatsink has dust in the fins/fan.

    If you can get into your BIOS, sometimes there is an option to run a MemTest to see if your RAM is in good shape.

  • What Dudeface said, pretty much.

    Most likely causes are corrupted hardware on drivers(either just old equipment or due to a virus)or overheating due to blocked fan components. A relatively quick way to check whether your PC DID overheat due to blocked fan components would be to listen to your PC at startup. Exactly how much noise does it make?

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