TBS Map Contest - List of participants!

  • Hello fellow Lords, ladies and Wardogs! I would like to put a list where i will write down each Level Designer’s name that wants to make a glorious TO map for the upcoming contest. This way, “we” and TBS will know early how many mappers are going to take a part in the competition. Also, the rest of the Community will know how many juicy TO maps are we going to enjoy in the near future.

    IF you are planning to enter the mapping contest please:

    1. Write down your name/nick.
    2. Tell us if you are going to work alone or in a group.
    3.* Comment. Maybe something about your map?
    4.* Add links to your Workshop/Map and WIP Thread.

    –------------------------ (The List): --------------------------

    1. FRAG
    2. Zombojoe/Breakfast Warrior
    3. Vesanus
    4. Owen/DilutedJuice/Bmikes/Lementios [WIP Thread]
    5. zombie112
    6. HappyConscript
    7. NATO [WIP Thread] - [Map]
    8. Fornaxxx
    9. Goomba
    10. LATTEH [Workshop]
    11. Silentwalker
    12. Eic the Stouthearted
    13. George “Cupcake” Hulm
    14. Knightmare
    15. Noble118
    16. Shrogg
    17. Pebble the pacifist
    18. Crushed/Massive/The Hussar/Elwebbaro
    19. Dashiva (Team)
    20. Nakusuru [Map]
    21. Ben ‘Evilmrfrank’ Burkart
    22. Iheb96 [WIP Thread]
    23. Pete_H
    24. Morgan Davis
    25. FartTender [WIP Thread]
    26. Massive/The Hussar (Grail Castle) [Map]
    27. Otreum [WIP Thread]
    28. Perlin [Workshop]
    29. ItzFriday
    30. Paul/Alex
    31. JoshieZombie
    32. ClkJester
    33. Jonks! [WIP Thread] - [Map]

    Editing everyday.

  • I’m quite interested in taking part so I’ll throw myself into this thread!

    1: Hi, I’m FRAG!
    2: I work alone!
    3: I’ve been toying with ideas since yesterday and writing down countless map information blocks, I’m currently looking at creating a night time siege map on a clifftop Mason stronghold, I’ll start posting my WIP thread soon when I have things concrete though.

    I’m also a longtime UnrealEd user (Since UT2004 now) and have toyed with the Chivalry SDK a few times so I’m not in the deep end luckily, That’s all from me I guess.

  • I’m also very interested in taking part in this contest!

    1: Hello, im DilutedJuice
    2: I’m working with two others
    3: We’re currently working on a map based around attacking a well fortified mason hideout. We’re currently juggling ideas around, trying to figure out what will work etc.

    Here’s a link to our WIP thread:


  • 1. I’m zombie112, Or Steve. Whichever you want to use, will work for me!**
    2. I’m working alone.**
    3.* ****Well, I’ve been toying around with some ideas for the last two days, nothing fully ready to show yet but I’ll probably post a thread soon once I have a layout that looks good enough to me. I like to improvise my level design without much drawing on paper except for paths and objectives, so this should be pretty fun/interesting.

  • 1: HappyConscript
    2: Working as a group (3 Members Total)
    3: My group has extensive UnrealEd and game design experience. We plan on making an awesomely awesome map of complete awesome-ness!

  • 1. Zombo Joe
    2. I will be working with Breakfast Warrior, AKA Phlint
    3. I was going to submit my helmdeep map, alas its copyrighted content so it can’t be allowed in the contest. Right now I’m in the process of coming up with ideas for a new map. I was thinking of a TF2 style capture point map or at least an objective that works like that since I don’t think that alone is interesting enough. I do already have a system for that working in kismet though. Once I figure out bots and AI I have some interesting ideas in store.

  • Thanks, added.

  • Doublepost. Remove please :P

  • I’m just starting at level design, (I did maps for Swat 4 years ago).
    If I can resolve the colliding problems, I will participate with a water map.

  • 1. NATO
    2. On my lonesome, but I hope to get some community testing done
    3. Posted a thread just now, going for a somewhat traditional siege, but focusing on supporting strong game play rather than having an overwhelming theme or gimmick.

    I’m actually new to chivalry, but not to UDK. I’ve played a few games so far and I’m starting to get a grip on the core mechanics. Something I’ve noticed with the official maps is a limited change in play between melee classes compared to the dichotomy between archers and everyone else. I hope to play on that encouraging players to change classes for different parts of the map.

    Obviously the more I play the more I’ll learn and things will change, but I’m reasonably hopeful I can pull something enjoyable together.

  • I am participating

    Maybe in group

    The map consists of both team proximity, symetry and low CPU requirements

  • Nice, more people the better ;)

  • Hi I’ll be entering the contest too. So here mine :

    2/working alone for now but i may have a buddy that will make some awesome music
    3/Vertical height-based level. Trying to avoid classical destroy gate, kill the king objective. Will make a WIP post tomorrow and update it (maybe) once a week

  • It might be worth linking to people’s thread in the main post so people can browse easier. Mine is here

  • 1: You can just call me LATTEH
    2: Working alone, but if someone needs an environment artist you can contact me! you can look at my past releases here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LATTEH/myworkshopfiles/
    3:The best way to put it is, its an ambush type feeling where most of the objects are selective depending on whether the attacking team completes them or not.

  • 1. Lementios
    2. Working as a group ( 4 members so far )
    3. We’re a team that is new to UDK and dedicated to learning as much as we can when possible. We have some pretty solid ideas at the moment, but our main concerns are at least finishing by the deadlines. Overall, just here to have fun!

    If you want to join us you can email me @ johnnyp33bodi3@yahoo.com or contact me on steam or skype ( same name on both =] )

  • Wow I just heard about this contest this morning, now I wanna get back mapping!

    1: Silentwalker (Steam is dude99979)
    2: Alone for now, might have a friend to help with custom content
    3: Eh, well the map will have a ship in it probably. It’ll be different…. what ever it is will be more historical rather than Mason/Agatha ish.

  • 1: Eic the Stouthearted
    2: Alone
    3: Not that much to say at the moment besides some ideas that float in my head. Definitely going for balance and objectives that make somewhat sense. ;)

  • Added, thank you.

    That is a nice wave of mappers already. I hope you guys will stick to the end :)

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