Any tips playing this game?

  • everygame i play usually die from 1 or 2 hits but sometimes i have to hit enemy 3 times as knight to kill him and 80% time someone steals the kill. my kd is usually something like 1/30 :? so i just need some tips to actually kill people. i played tutorial but its not same as playing against real players.

  • If you see Jack Baldy, leave the server / Try to TK him.

  • I havent played the game yet but try to focus on defending yourself and be always on the move until you feel comfortable to engage in a fight.Those video tutorials that have been posted seem to be a great point to start with, check them out again.

  • Some blows do more damage than others, overhead is the most powerful. Try using different blows to see if things get better. Likewise, hitting people in the head/neck will hurt them more than in the legs.

  • Quick five tips (at least for how I play.)

    Always keep your eyes open. You can always get attacked from behind. Don’t get too focused on a fight, and keep glancing around to see if enemies are coming for you.

    Time your blocks. Mashing parry when you want to go into the defensive is a mistake that can leave you open. Once you get a feel for how long weapons take to use, you can predict your enemies movements and do this a little better.

    Aim shields. They aren’t walls of invulnerability. Usually aim up for overheads and at an angle for slashes.

    Walk/stand when you are low on health. Don’t go into a fight with low health. If a fight is coming for you, walk backwards and try to get as much health as you can back before they attack.

    Let your friends do some work too. Teamwork wins the day. Don’t run into the fray slashing because you want the kill, take time and combine your attacks to overpower the enemy instead.

  • Teamplay. Learn to actually block. Watch Shara’s & Noxians awesome combat tutorial videos :D Also when you are dead, watch others and learn from them. People often dismiss this completely while I believe it’s one of the most useful things you can do when you yourself are dead. See how others move, feint, strike, everything.

    The videos I mentioned:

  • #1 Tip: Use your fists, they give +10 to manliness.

  • Like others have said, Stab for length, Overhead for damage and normal/side swing for multiple enemies and general attacks.

    Another thing to do is create a game, add some bots and play all the classes. While doing this learn each weapons speed and reach. Knowing how far away from the person you can be before swinging helps! So many people rush all the way in with long weapons, when they could have stayed out of my weapons reach and still attacked me. It’s not just about staying at a distance though, maybe charge all the way into battle, but swing early so you hit first!

    Always move, no matter what class, by moving you can avoid many attacks and survive longer. It also allows for flanking/attacking behind their shields.

    Jumping allows you to not only avoid attacks at your feet but it gives you an advantage and gives you a clear shot to their head. Ducking is also vital, it allows you to avoid swings directed at your head and also allows you to attack their legs/get your attack under their block.

  • yeah i think that reason i’m so bad is probaly because many servers have high ping so blockin is incredibly difficult. and i forgot to aim my attacks to head area

  • If you’re looking for kills, run up behind an enemy that is fighting your friend, use stabs and overheads so you’re less likely to team kill. That’s how you can get lots of (cheap) kills.

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