What If Knights Could Not Be Flinched?

  • This idea popped into my head while I was at work today. I thought it would be funny at first, but then I really thought more seriously about it… Would it be too much of a buff? How could it be offset? Would you guys be willing to test it? Just some random idea from the maul guy.

  • Hell I think it would be. Maybe not against vanguards but against the lighter classes and other knights it’ll change everything.

  • It probably would be a pretty huge thing. The knight class might be the new MAA in the forums and have a million threads about how OP he is lol

  • It would be way too OP and anti-fun for the game.

  • My reaction to your suggestion was exactly like your profile pic.

  • Un-flinchable maul. No thanks.

  • this thread gives me cancer

  • Hang on, lets think a bit about this. Assuming knights need a buff (I think they don’t) and assuming flinch worked better, why wouldn’t something like knights getting shot by shortbow (or something) had a smaller flinch window.

    Personally I would have thought attacking while hit in windup would be a vanguard thing, they being the massive damage dealers, something like taking extra damage if hit in windup but smaller flinch window…

    Howeverrrrrr, all this is still a bad idea (and not even needed in terms of buffs, on the knight no less).

    So, no I don’t think knights should have no, let alone less flinch.

  • I have a better idea what if we just remove parry and make all hits one shot.

  • I would uninstall Chivalry and quit.

  • maul /10chars

  • it would be fair

    if archers can kick and draw their secondary in one move.
    and maa can attack while dodging (and no dodge cooldown).
    and vanguards attacks stagger their opponents with every attack

  • Lol.

    Also, make him invulnerable from behind.

  • @Silu:


    Also, make him invulnerable from behind.

    butthole blocking.

    oh wait that already exists.

  • I would agree to knights having a little bit less flinch since they’re suppose to be the tankish class, having it removed completely would definitely be op

  • Eww.

    Maybe removing projectile flinch on hits to the legs & body when parrying/blocking could work, but that’s about it.

  • All i can ask is why?

  • I’d support the removal of projectile flinch, maybe even for all classes. It’s so frustrating when you get hit while winding up or parrying an incoming attack. You basically get punished twice for a mistake that you couldn’t really avoid, unless your name is Neo and you’re chosen.

  • Projectile flinch is pretty necessary, really. Not having it would really affect the feel of the game. You wouldn’t feel like you’d shot somebody if they don’t so much as stagger from taking that arrow to the gizzard full-stride.

    A friend (who also plays) and I have discussed this Knights Probably Shouldn’t Be Flinched So Hard topic ad nauseam and what we’ve concluded is that a knight being flinched from the front should either be dampened or perhaps not happen at all unless multiple hits land within a very short amount of time or unless he is struck in the head/neck. Perhaps counter-balance this with an exaggerated stagger should he be hit in the head/neck or from behind, as all that plate would be crushed into his body and would be considerably devastating.

    Perhaps the answer is as simple as removing flinch from bladed weapons, but increasing it for hits taken from blunt weapons.

    The knight IS a tank class, but presently does not feel like a tank at all – almost feels like its role has become diluted by the sheer effectiveness and speed of vanguards and men at arms. And hell, even for an archer with a short sword or dagger, a knight is usually lunch in melee range. Talented knights are still horrifying and quite competent on the battlefield, but I feel these players represent the exception, not the rule.

    Perhaps instead of potentially gameplay-butchering changes to/additions of class-specific combat mechanics, tune the knight’s primary weapons to feel like a knight, a brute force tank class, is swinging them. Most of the primaries feel very lacking, if not flimsy altogether. Sword of War is cute, but you’re still doing with two hands and a bigger weapon what you could be doing with a broadsword in one hand at a much faster rate.


  • Maybe if Knights wouldn’t be flinched by projectiles if they had over 50% health, after that they get flinched.

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