[WIP] Fortification Contest Level - Cove

  • Ah ok, well. That sure is a bug.

    Frankly it doesn’t impact on gameplay since that area of the map is irrelevant until after the gate falls, at which point they open. However I will change that next update

    I assume you found this on v2.4

    Thanks! :)

  • Yeah I played on it a few days ago and my frame rate dropped badly since the last updates you did. I think it happens whenever you look towards a spot towards the sea, no matter what section you’re on in the map. I noticed it happening the most on the cart obj. It never happened until these updates.

  • Hum ok, thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve not made any changes that would effect fps so I assume it’s the patch. If it seems worse looking at the water (which is a rather complex material) it might be due to the openGL shader model. I’ve only just got off a train back at home so I’ll take an in depth look soon.

  • Congratulation!^^ Your map deserves to become official!

  • On the agatha spawn 1st objective you can walk through the wall that leads to the 2nd objective.

    Can stand completely under water.

    Cannon HUD still shows on next objectives, “Load/Defend”.

  • The old days…

  • So can you take “beta” out of the name yet? Still got people voting no instantly simply because they see “beta” and think it will suck.

  • Cove aggregated developer feedback.

    General Feedback:
    Good Visuals
    Good blending of open and tight combat spaces.
    Easy to get lost in the town at times when not going for the objective.
    Clear spawn paths would be helpful.
    Could use more contrast in the lighting.
    Some spawns caused fall damage.
    Burnt tower had bad collision.

    Objective 1

    Divide up the canons into their own play space. They can still be connected, but should not be within striking distance of each other.

    Objective 2

    Great Pushable Segment
    The spawns were disorienting, particularly on this stage.

    Objective 3

    Need some alternate entrances to the Cathedral.
    Objectives are hard to defend, as they are very spread out. Consider consolidating them into fewer, more focused areas.
    Some of the breakables are more tedious, and not as impactful as the others (The altar comes to mind)

  • i gotta say great job on the cathedral

    looks a trillion times better than i expected

  • Thanks for the feedback! Also Thank you Zombojoe, I was really happy with it in the end :)

    Edit: seeing evilmrfrank reply totally didn’t remind me I hadn’t yet XD

  • @NATO:

    Current name is Cove, it may change.

    I’m a cove :O

  • Just wanna say that the more I play on this map, the more and more I appreciate it and love it. I can’t wait for it to be in official rotation.

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