• Hi, this team objective map focuses on both team proximity and low CPU requirement. I really have a vision of chivalry with less travel time, constant 60 fps for low and medium grade CPU hardware. I think the game mechanic is why we all like chivalry and not the complex polygons.

    The map is at a very early stage so everything is still changeable. I want to focus on the efficiency of the overall placement of the objectives and the spawn ( I have managed to make the 3 objectives rely on 1 spawn point for CPU efficiency) . I don’t want to start placing too much static meshes as I tend to overdo it and the size and placement of everything would be harder to modify.

    In Jailbreak, agathians prisoners are to die in the mason arena for entertainment purposes. However, an infiltrator has come to rescue them. A small group of agathian have made it outside their cells and obtained weapons in the arena armory. They will need to warn their allied ship with a signal pyre, which is located in the middle of the arena. But the arena ground is very dangerous. So first, the agathian prisoners have to free their caged allies for better odds in the arena.

    After lighting the signal pyre, the agathian ship arrives and the anchor has to be cut off from the ship for agatha to win the match.


    1- Free the prisoners

    2- Light the signal pyre

    3- Break the anchor

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  • Maybe ping this map developer


    he has floating boats that move and you can jump on and off

  • Updated screenshots

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