We need to talk about Zweihander.

  • I was just playing on a Black Knight server having a fun and glorious time when some asshole Vanguard sends an impossible overhead drag right in my direction with his 15 feet Zwei. Well, I’ve seen this a million times in my 650 hours of hell and torture, so I look up, wait for the drag to come down and time my parry carefully, but… no, it went through, it just went right through as if my Messer didn’t exist? Three times it went through before I died.

    How is this fair? Why does this bullshit sword exist in this game to begin with? It has some serious issues that need to be dealt with. Torn Banner, this is fucking number one priority in whatever you’re working at. THE ANIMATION of this hellsword doesn’t match its actual location. And yes, I am a little mad right now, but I’m not making this up either. Others have complained about this too and it’s ruining the game and therefore ruining what little fun there is left.

  • I thought it was only 12 foot. Are they lag hakn it to make it longer?

  • I don’t have any problems parrying Zwei drags :/

  • @Flippy:

    I don’t have any problems parrying Zwei drags :/

    Maybe it’s the mod then, but that sword is still glitchy as hell though.

  • Do you remember the players name?

  • @giantyak:

    Do you remember the players name?

    I do, but I’m not going to call anyone out. It’s not about the player, it’s about the weapon.

  • Never happened to me

  • @MissingNo:

    Never happened to me

    If it’s never happened to you, then maybe you’re the one with the Zwei.

  • @Jon:

    If it’s never happened to you, then maybe you’re the one with the Zwei.

    Nah, i’m a knight for life

  • @Jon:

    If it’s never happened to you, then maybe you’re the one with the Zwei.

    But that means he rekt you with the Zwei :o

  • @Jon:

    If it’s never happened to you, then maybe you’re the one with the Zwei.

    Some computers/net can’t handle real-time drags on their screen as well as others. I know the feeling of impossible to read drags too on my lesser PCs, but even on good PCs I think the wonky CPU dependency on Unreal games might be a factor for this, too.

    Basically, on your screen it’s impossible (not just the zwei, but a lot of other weapons are like this, too. Messer and claymore are far worse IMO). But on many other people’s screens, they see the drag in real time so it’s nothing strange to them. My theory, at least.

  • Sounds like a ping issue, either yours or his. I’ve never experienced any issues with the Zweihander that are worse than any other sword.

  • jon i think you’re just raging because you can’t play this game.

    ~ Sierra mist <3

  • It’s reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow, but still parryable. I know I jump the gun a lot with this weapon. Remember that when you parry, your weapon occupies a bit of the screen. This can hide a fair bit of what the enemy is doing, like dragging the overhead to the left or right (usually to the right because your own sword parry’s with the blade on the left, and standard overheads come from top right to bottom left, which naturally moves the enemies blade to your right side anyway.)

    This is why I find it slightly easier to parry with weapons that only raise to perform their parry, like the spear, poleaxe, maul, bardiche, etc. You also visually have more to work with, as your left arm is on the left side of the screen, and your right arm is on the right side of the screen, giving you a nice middle zone. With swords, either one hand or two, it’s lopsided to the right, which can hide a lot in those few precious miliseconds and make it appear that the enemy is swinging through your parry, when in fact, he’s hitting you in the right side. Your arms are just hiding the fact that you should have turned a hair more to your right to block the attack.

  • @Jon:

    I do, but I’m not going to call anyone out. It’s not about the player, it’s about the weapon.

    I’ve had a similar experience but the player was using the brandistock; the thing is i was using a shield and he was pointing the brandi up into the sky, but he was 1yard away and facing 90degrees away from me….i wasn’t even near the weapon itself and i still got hit…
    Its happened on more than one occasion, however, the one i described was the most ridiculous case.

  • Dude, Zwei is fine. It’s a nobble weapon! But I agree that the more refined the animations are, the better. And this goes for every weapon in game.
    It’s fine as Messer. It has some hard to read drags (just like maul and messer), but if it didn’t, why the hell would anyone pick up that weapon? Greatsword is a better choice all the way (if it wasn’t for zwei better drags IMHO, it is my main weapon).

    I drag my ass out of the zwei and good players parry them all day and kick my ass all the time, even when I’m 150-170 ping (I played with some Tempest dude on Lg Duels some of these days that used a Halberd, killed him once but needless to say that I got ****d, he was lvl 53 if I remember well).

    I can read its drags pretty easily (even from top players). In fact, the lookdown overhead of it aways trick me, its aways faster then I think it is. The delayed drags are no problem, well, they are as much of a problem as a maul drag, or a messer drag… Really damn slow, but you just gotta be calm. It’s easyer to read and punish then a messer drag, IMHO.

    Just don’t be afraid of the huge shiny blade coming to your face and you will be fine. The alternate overhead with the zwei is beautifully slow, that’s what probably got you. Anyways, if you see a vanguard with a zwei, prepare your kick button, because you will need it.

  • Zwei overhead drags give you plenty of time to get in behind them and slash at em with a quick swing instead… Just don’t wait for their swings to throw you off. Be quick on your feet and move out the way instead and give yourself the free hit. Look down overheads on some weapons, bardiche etc more urgently need work. There’s no animation for it half the time. It’s that quick…

  • Zwei sucks ass compared to the GS.

  • @kanGuru:

    I thought it was only 12 foot. Are they lag hakn it to make it longer?

    This is the best post of the day, easily.

    To Jon; I can confirm that the mod causes a small increase in desyncing odds. It’s probably not the only mod to do so and if more people are starting to get these issues the devs will have to look into it.

    Edit: The Zweihander is already a pretty crappy weapon anyway. I’ve tried to like it, I really did. But eventually you just give up and accept the small boost in damage doesn’t change the amount of hits it takes to kill any class.

  • @dudeface:

    Zwei sucks ass compared to the GS.

    Which is not the Zweihänders fault but the Greatswords: Its windup is identical to the Sword of War and its combo times are even faster in comparison. The Zweihänder is slightly longer and deals more damage* but the advantages are not enough to make up for the much lower speed (its one of the three slowest weapons ingame).

    Also desyncs are not a problem limited to the Zweihänder.

    *Which is significant: Its able to twoshot Knights (overhead to head than either a torso overhead or any head hit), more reliable in twoshotting Vanguards (two leg cutting overheads are enough) and oneshotting Archers (torso overheads) as well as Men at Arms (head overheads).

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