Custom Sounds Needed? I'm the Guy!

  • Hey everyone, I’m an experienced audio engineer, producer, musician and sound designer with a home studio. If you need some custom sounds for your mod, I can help. Vocal samples, spell effects, impacts, explosions, etc. I won’t charge, the only requirement is that I like your idea. Hit me up here or in a PM!

  • hello my friend, that’s good news cause no 1 has offered to do anything like this yet for us.

    i would love for a player model to broadcast a sound clip from wrecking ball when they smash you with the maul in our mod,
    lol , im serious I think it would be hilarious.

    is that possible?

  • Hey WARSAW, yes, this is totally possible, but you wouldn’t need me to do it. Rip the YouTube audio in mp3 format (plenty of free websites will do that), import it into Audacity (also free), chop the audio to only include the sample you want, then export as a .wav. The UDK supports sound cues in .wav form, so you should be good to go. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Also, this is hilarious. I need to see this in action.

  • thanks, I actually want a few diff ones from that song that way it has some variety and isn’t the same sound always, but it will be awesome that’s fo sho.

    I will see if we can make it a reality, since this is on unreal engine we might as well have stuff like unreal tourney does
    like hit sounds etc and voice packs eventually , that stuff always makes the game more fun

  • Haha I agree. I can’t help with the Kismet, but I can chop the samples and smooth them out if you want, what parts do you want?

  • 1- “you wre eeeck meeee”

    2- “I came in like a wrecking ball”

    3-“I never hit so hard in love”

    4-“I never meant to start a war”

    lets start with these 4 and see how we do

    maybe some 1 else can also help us,
    even if they don’t like this idea.

    this will lay down the ground work for any1 else trying to make some cool hit sounds.

    any1 else out there have the skills to make this a reality with us?

  • Alright, I’ve got a robot to go build (no bullshit), but I’ll try and have it done by the end of the day. For the archive:

    For anyone else who wants to do a similar thing, I oversimplified the instructions a bit. You can’t just chop a waveform, you need to add tiny fade ins and fade outs to the ends. Otherwise you’re going to get some really annoying pops and cracks.

  • Here they are. I made each sample hit on-beat, they won’t sound good as an “impact” effect otherwise. Also, “love” fades out before the word is complete. Funny enough, that’s not me, that’s how the song is. Never noticed it before.

    Changes made: Small fade ins to avoid wave clipping, fade outs to sound more natural, high pass filter sweep on “wrecking ball” to cut out an awkward kick.

  • cool ill check them out today, now we just need some one to help with implementing it into the game I guess eh?

    sry for the delayed response
    I’ve been busy with work,
    I think I’ve built like 4 decks since we last spoke.

    thanks for your effort brotha its good to see some people on here arent total deuches.

  • Will keep this in mind, Mockingbirch!

  • Just curious is your offer still available? I’m sure a lot of peoples contest maps are at the point where they could use some custom sounds.

  • I’m looking for a sound guy to help with our new mod, see if you’d be interested.

    Details here:

  • Mockingbird, thanks for the offer to help.
    By chance do you know how to create the ‘random ambient effect sounds’ for example ; wolves. They have wolves in game and it’s just a constant background sound but seems random each time. Not like 1 long track the same each time.


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