Map Competition Makers - Can I beg and plead?

  • CMW is the only game I play, so it is close to my heart (well that and hot girls) and I would like to see it evolve.

    So if I if you are making a map can I make some requests:

    1. Do not make your map too big - if it takes too long to get into the action it detracts from the map.
    2. Add features ! Pits that unexpectedly drop you? Give defense cool new ways to repel attackers (traps?)
    3. Setup your map for one-on-one battles - think dark forest logs, it makes for exciting gameplay
    4. Give archers some love - yes we hate them but still some nice spots to arch from is cool.
    5. Spawn points - do test on 1v1 and make sure it is balanced - not cool if it is too easy.
    6. Skill - allow people to shortcut, perhaps jump from one spot to another to gain an advantage.
    7. Tactical - different ways to end the objective is cool, but make it balanced.
    8. Progress - important to allow noobs who may not be able to kill a lot of people to still advance the map (killing peasants, pushing cart etc)

    Combine all that and you are on your way to a winning map. If you need testing or a server to host your map on contact me !

  • Some very good points here.

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