Lacks in the combat system - What don't I like?

  • 1. Look at the picture I’ve made:

    ‘Blok’ means ‘block’. The red thing is a sword. The green thing is a polehammer (but it should work also for every weapon)

    What is this?

    As you know, you have to aim the end of your foe’s weapon to block. But why only the end? What if I stop a polehammer’s wooden spar? This iron head shouldn’t reach me.

    If a blade (or anything that deals the damage) touches me, I lose some HP as in case of any other hit. If it doesn’t touch me, the block is successful. So blocking a polehammer would be easier than blocking a zweihander. This system should work for every weapon.

    2. If two warriors strike at the same time in the same point - their weapons should clash and the attack should be stopped. Like the chambering in Warband:

    3. If I push the shield, it doesn’t block - it isn’t so reallistic. So my foe can hit me when I’m pushing the shield - no matter if he’s pointing straight at the shield.

  • are you talking about a shield bash?

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