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  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    We’re testing changes to the camera viewpoint and the Bubble. These have major gameplay significance, feedback will be appreciated.

    Well, here we go. Did most of the testing (especially the newest beta) in singleplayer as the few servers online were either empty or had bad latency. Also playing on minimal details with steam community disabled. WALL OF TEXT AHEAD

    Please overlook any first-person arm/shoulder mesh issues caused by the camera alignment change for the sake of this initial test.

    I will still comment on them: Arms are a little skinny which causes them to appear longer than they should and shoulders seem to be too close to the center of the screen with higher FoV (when both are visible). Also on ranged weapons the shoulder clip into your vision especially when running. Having you bow drawn looks okay aside from missing textures. Maybe shoulders should be moved back in every first person animation -you should only see the arms and your vision should stop just below your shoulders (depending on the armor there might be some glance of the shoulder pads).

    If you’re playing at a higher FOV, note that as a result of this change you may feel more comfortable decreasing it; we’re recommending you try it with 105 degrees if you’re used to 120 degrees. Definitely experiment and see if you can get to a comfortable place though.

    I feel most comfortable with the same 115 degrees as before - nothing changed here. I just like the edge of vision effect and I also think it helps with melee fighting.

    • New dynamic crosshair default (Swing and combo indication)

      • Users can switch to the original style through the keybindings option

    Am I right its “flinchable” (full windup), release and “you just started a combo” indication? I think it should also indicate combo parry or block in some way and maybe even “feintable” (first part of windup). Also there should be an option to adjust the size - for some it might be too big but they would use it if it was smaller - and transparency.

    Personally I would also use this croshair for ranged weapons instead of the current big one that gives (imo) too much help but doesn’t show teammates (it should show teammates - see below why). Windup -> draw/aim, Release -> projectile flying (or reload), Combo -> you hit something.

    • Default FOV changed from 95 to 105

    A good thing. I always thought 95 as default for a melee game was too low. Also it looks less like tunnel vision while only prividing slight edge vision.

    • Added Purchasable New Agatha / Mason Knight class models

    Meh - they are too shiny and maybe a little too skinny too (making the armor look thin and useless). Shoulder pads are a little too defined for my liking and like to clip through the model.

    And the Agatha model just looks plain wrong around the neck. WTF happend to the protection here? Only an idiot would wear his armor this way and it also makes every single helmet look silly on it (I guess the bevor is meant to be in the right place on the final model?) The new helmets look okay by design but I feel they are also too shiny and a little but to blueish.

    The Mason model is better (both neck and shoulders) but its helmets are worse: All of them are too narrow causing the head to clip through (4th is worst). The first one got those ridiculous big horns/wings or whatever that make you look like an iron bunny and the red is quite dominant without being able to chose it for other (should be linked to trim color maybe) parts of your armor. Same for the second. The third is the best one but still too narrow. The forth is just plain ugly and far too small right now.

    • New Purchasable Barbarian character models for both Agatha and Mason Factions

    I like the Agatha models - they look badass barbaric and also represent their armor class quite nicely. However I think they might be a little big. They should be about the same size as the standard models (who look small and squishy in comparison).

    The Mason models… the Mason models… what the hell?! Did they forgot their armor? They look like they should die easier than default Archers. A Knight/Vanguard with a bare upper body? Aren’t they supposed to be armored classes? The MaA at least has some armor but seems to miss the most important parts (just by the looks he should have the best resistances). The current models could work as Archer skins at most. For the sake of whatever you believe in: GIVE THEM SOME ARMOR! The helmets are better than the skins - even though I dislike the Archer helmet for its “extensions”.

    • Added a new level 60 helmet


    • On death, print damage taken/dealt during life to console

    Nice - also helps testing and understanding how you died. But: Could you remove the “AOCDmgType_” part as it is mostly redundant and just bloats the log?


    • Crosshairs appear white for allies and red for enemies

    Nice change - less confusion about red/blue, less color changing and no more blue crosshair. But in gamplay terms changing the color only when aiming at your teammate would make more sense. It would make it harder to spot enemies by just aiming around (as they could be hidden behind a bush/tree or smoke screen*). It also does not work for the ranged crosshair.

    • Updated first person longsword, two-handed axe, dagger, buckler animations to better fit the new camera position

    For some reason the Longsword feels less “well balanced” (as a sword should be) more like a club or axe now. And the left arm movement on alt slash looks painful (it should not come up that far).

    Twohanded axes seem mostly okay but there is one thing: When combo parrying or combo feinting the right hand does not stay on the grip but seems to be left behind. Then it looks like it travels right through the hit to the point where it should be.

    Dagger attacks seem allright but on parry the left hand is doing weird things (that would most likely result in an impaled left hand in real life).

    As for the Buckler: Most attacks look good and I like the block animation (which lacks the stupid “up time” before dropping). But alt slashes look strange: You lift the Buckler over the slash but then it comes back into vision from below (it should come from above) - it looks like throwing away the Buckler and taking a new one from your belt. Then the Hunting Knife overhead is all mess up (you clip through your own shield) and the Javelin shield tracers are (still) weird. As a lst note dagger overheads with the Buckler (also with the Heater) are still shown as slashes even though they should be stabs.

    • Dark Forest: Ammo box cooldown time in LTS game mode changed from 5 to 20

    Confirmed for Valley (sides) and XL (catapult sites and behind the house).

    • Flail is no longer missing sound

    Confirmed for both Light and Heavy Flail.

    • Reduced maximum recovery time to 0.9

    Imba Maul buff - I don’t like it at all. The weapon is able to oneshot every class if aimed rght and doesn’t need this buff to its speed. I would rather have it reverted. Zweihänder is also affected but the 0.05s don’t seem to matter that much - especially because it also has good reach on its side. But I can’t really argue about the second change - all I know is that the Maul did not need that buff at all.

    • Take hit indicator points toward attacking player, rather than toward point of impact

    Seems strange to me as it might trick people into thinking their enemy hit them elsewhere. Might help when suddenly attacked as you will find your opponent faster. But hurts when you get hit and wuld like to know where.

    • Bubble reduced by 60%

    Nice one - could you also remove the other 40%? (Maybe deal with handle hits before.)

    • First-person camera alignment adjusted for more visual clarity during combat

    Same here - I like the new position. Arms animations and shoulders need a lot of work though.

    • More flail animation polish

    We need more work here. When windup up your slash you almost hit your face and when comboing overhead into overhead you do hit your own face (in both 1st and 3rd person view). Also the overhead looks sluggish for the Heavy Flail.

    Other notes:
    *Trim colors are messed up - for example you click on red and get pink/lum instead.
    *Smoke pots do not seem to work - they only play the sound but there is no smoke.
    *I was unable to start a singleplayer FFA on Darkforest.
    *Heavy Flail still uses the Light Flails icon (it used to have its own)
    *The game might freeze and refuse to crash completely leaving your desktop completely black (typed “setgravity 100” in console) and useless. Switching user (in Windows) made a part of the desktop accessable again (my desktop has a higher resolution than Chivalry so the upper left part was not able to be clicked).

  • Beta 5: First person animations (120 FoV)

    Part 1 - Archer
    The list of issues is pretty long but most of them are minor clipping issues and I would like to say that the animations improved a lot compared to the last beta. I also tested them at 20% speed so some are less visible on 100% speed.

    • bows
      *left shoulder clips slightly when “loading” an arrow or putting it away
    • daggers
      *crouched idle: left shoulder clips
      *stab: left shoulder clips during windup, right shoulder clips during release, both shoulders clip during recovery
      *overhead: right shoulder clips slightly during late recovery
      *alt slash: right shoulder clips during windup and release
      *stab>overhead combo: right shoulder clips
      *overhead>overhead combo: right shoulder clips
      *overhead>slash combo: right then left shoulder clip
      *alt overhead>slash combo: right shoulder clips
      *alt overhead>stab combo: right shoulder clips slightly
      *slash>slash combo: right shoulder clips
      *alt slash>slash combo: left shoulder and dagger clip
      *kick: left arm clips in windup, both arms clip during recovery
      -Hunting knife
      *stab/slashes: see daggers
      *overheads: right shoulder clips
      *overhead>overhead combo: right shoulder clips
      *parry: left and displaced
      *idle: left shoulder clips, bolt not in hand
      *Crossbow/Light crossbow reload: left shoulder clips, bolt not in hand
      *Heavy Crossbow reload: body and right shoulder clip, bolt missing in hand (appears suddenly), left hand clips into right arm, left shoulder clips during loading the (invisible) bolt
      *Heavy Crossbow aim: rail clips
      *on placement both shoulders clip
      *running: left shoulder clips
      *Buckler strike: left shoulder clips
      *when putting away: right shoulder clips
      *shield bash: left arm clips
      *idle: shoulders too big, left shoulder clips slightly (more when going into crouch)
      *walking/jumping: both shoulders clip
      *sprinting: left shoulder clips
      *firing: shoulders clip
      *crouched idle: right shoulder clips
      *drawing weapon: right shoulder clips
      *stab: left shoulder clips
      *overheads:right shoulder clips
      *slash: left shoulder clips around windup/release, right shoulder clips during recovery
      *alt slash: right shoulder clips during windup and release
      *stab>slash: left shoulder clips
      *alt overhead>anything: right shoulder
      *slash>anything: right shoulder
      *alt slash>overhead/slash right shoulder
      *Hunting Knife overheads: Buckler animation still messed up
      *shield bash: right arm clips
      *crouched idle: right shoulder clips
      *drawing weapon: right shoulder clips
      *stab: right shoulder clips during release, both shoulders clip during recovery
      *alt overhead: right shoulder clips during windup and release
      *slash: right shoulder clips slightly during release/recovery
      *stab>anything: right shoulder
      *overhead>stab: left shoulder
      *overhead>overhead: right shoulder
      *alt overhead>slash: right shoulder (slightly)
      *slash>stab: right shoulder
      *combo parry: still incredibly slow and doesn’t look like a working parry
      *kick: right shoulder clips during recovery

  • I don’t think they care for clipping with 120 fov since 105 is the default fov.

  • 120 is the maximum officially supported FoV so it should work well too. Then fixing the issues for 120 FoV also resolves them for 105 which does not work the other way around.

    So I would be stupid to test in a lesser FoV because otherwise I would see much less and get worse data. Also most of the issues should still apply to 105 FoV (save for the ones where I wrote “slightly” because they were at the edge of the screen).

  • Good job on the flail animations - you finally don’t hit your own face when comboing.

  • Beta 6: First person animations (120 FoV)

    Part 2 - Man at Arms 1/2
    I won’t go through the Archer again but take a look at the MaA in general. No shield setups yet.

    *crouched idle: right shouder clips
    *stab: right shoulder clips slightly during release, both shoulders clip during recovery
    *overhead: right shoulder clips slightly at windup/release
    *alt overhead: right shoulder clips slightly in windup and release
    *slash: right shoulder clips slightly
    *oh>stab combo: left shoulder clips
    *oh>oh combo: right shoulder clips
    *oh>slash combo: left shoulder clips very slightly
    *right shoulder clips on drawing and putting away your weapon
    *walking/running/dodging: right shoulder clips
    *crouched : left shoulder clips
    *parry: rights shoulder clips slightly, left shoulder clips
    *stab: left shoulder clips during release
    *overhead: right shoulder clips during windup
    *alt oh: both shoulders clip during release
    *slash: rights shoulder clips during release
    *alt slash: left shoulder clips during release and recovery, right thumb appears to stick inside the staff
    *stab>oh combo: right hand travels through the staff instead of gripping
    *oh>stab combo: left shoulder clips, left hand clips slightly
    *oh>oh combo: left shoulder clips
    *alt oh>stab combo: left shoulder clips
    *alt oh>oh combo: left shoulder clips
    *alt oh>slash combo: right shoulder clips
    *slash>anything combo: right shoulder clips
    *alt slash>anything combo: left shoulder clips
    *stab combo parry: hands detached and clip inside the staff
    *slash/oh/alt oh combo parry: right hand detached
    *alt slash combo parry: thumbs clip inside the staff
    *putting away or drawing the staff: left shoulder clips
    *crouched idle: left shoulder clips slightly
    *overhead: seems like attacker slightly loses his grip on the Broaddagger
    *alt oh/alst slash: right shoulder clips in windup and release
    *oh>oh combo: right shoulder clips slightly
    *alt oh>slash combo: right shoulder clips
    *alt slash>slash combo: left shoulder and dagger clip
    *I finally got what the parry animation is supposed to do
    *when not in throwing animation the righ hand thumb clips into the pot
    *crouched idle:right shoulder clips
    *when throwing massive clipping of the right shoulder, left shoulder also clips
    -Throwing Knives:
    *crouched idle: left shoulder clips

  • Gud feedback.

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